Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Forgot

to tell you: I shopped IKEA! In Charlotte! I saw the pieces teh internet IKEA hacker's use!

And, Target opened a store within 20 miles of my home!

Retail Joy!

I shopped Talbot's Petites*! Clothes fit and are beautiful!

While traveling to IKEA, I heard my seminary classmate, Lib McGregor Simmons, preach on Joshua 6 on the radio. Lib is pastor of the Davidson College Presbyterian Church in Davidson. She did a great job on a passage I was glad to leave to my betters.

St.Casserole, Herself

*LLS commented Petites in my size resemble a square shape but did so in a manner that implied she was just sayin'.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here I Am

Took a week to drive to and from NC to see LLS and LSiL. Wonderful visit with lots of talk. Gorgeous cats to admire, too. We ate NC barbeque, heard Annonymous 4 at Duke Chapel, went to a Goat Farm for rescue cats and LLS suggested going to garage sales! She loves me.

Cursillo last weekend. Lovely. Fun. Laughing and talking.

Now, I have ear ache and sniffy nose. Rats!

Haven't blogged since 9/28. Still not sure I have anything to say this season.


P.S. I think this Pearls Before Swine cartoon panel is hilarious!