Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's that time again. Put on socks with your flip flops!
Cooler temperatures makes our Coast feel like Fall instead of the Tropics.
I love being outdoors without hot, humid weather.

I wore a light weight jacket yesterday.



Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Sunday yesterday. Loved seeing my congregation again after a Sunday away.
Little Church looks prettier each time I look. The repaired pews are now shiny. We won't use the antique velvet pew cushions. Tiny pieces of velvet fluff stuck to the pews before and after storage for the summer, the mold spores and ancient dust gross me out. If the acoustics need pew cushions, we'll work on new ones.

The road to Little Church is newly paved. I love that drive through countryside seeing cattle and fields.

The church meeting Thursday was the warmest worship I've attended for our geographical cluster of churches in years. We prayed for people by name along with celebrations of good things happening in our congregations. The young preacher spoke deeply and well. I love her. Yep, I'm doing cartwheels thinking we attracted a smart, capable young woman to our geographical cluster.

The surprise of the day was how dang post-denominational we are. We ate lunch at a PCA church. Can you believe that? After all the anguish and pain of the past 30 years, we used a PCA church for lunch space.

Blessings to you. Be Bold.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home safe.

Happy to be with Mr.C.

Cats fine; Dog Nanny tired.

Second Obama yard sign stolen.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh! If only you could be here! Great conversation, fabulous meals and time with my sisters!

I'm going to see Listing Straight, Mr. Listing and Little Listing in a few days.

The Fall colors are fabulous here. I'm surprised at how warm it is here. I'm wearing shorts wishing I brought my flip flops.

James Taylor announced he is giving five concerts around North Carolina for Obama. I'm hoping we get tickets for Taylor's concert here.

Thanks for your phone calls during my drive.



Sunday, October 12, 2008


I've got a house full of children. LS, LD and LD'sBFF are here! Mr.C. made gumbo and took them to the movies. I did laundry for the girls. I love having everyone home!

Tomorrow, LS drives them back to school.

I'm driving up to see LLS and LSiL on Tuesday. Call me and keep me company! I'll arrive for my week in the Blue Room Suite on Wednesday. I'll eat at the table of the World's Best Cook. I hope to snuggle with Assumpta and Dibley, the Katrina Kitties. They don't remember me but I remember them.

Life is busy and full here.

I'm going to see genuine Fall leaves on my trip. I'm going to talk and eat and love being with my sisters.

More later,

St. Casserole

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Things

*I'm loving I have a Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake station. Loving that Nick Drake.

*I need to update my 2008 Books Read. Can't recall all the titles or authors to do it now.

*I found new leather driving shoes at Amazon by going to the Women's shoes, then seeing what was offered for 70%. Two lovely leather pairs arrived last week.

*I'm itching to try to drill through a china plate with my Dremel. Dremel doesn't offer a drill for china so I'll substitute something else. Don't know what but if you hear hollering and china shattering, it's just me.

*LD will be home for a long weekend. She's taking exams this week. I'm praying she'll find her happy attitude to do her work well and see some progress in her adjustment to the Art School. It's not easy to be 16 anywhere. If she could see herself as I see her, she'd take on the entire world.

*Little Church restoration is going very well. We are looking beautiful and dignified. Just found out last week that the furnace coils and motor are blown out. Age and humidity ruined the system. We need more money. I'm trusting we will be able to have heat this winter.

*Fall is here! I wore closed toe shoes last week! No more sandals even if the heat today was in the mid-80's. Mornings are cooler.

*If you weren't my friends, I'd be soooo lonesome. Thanks for being with me.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

I met my brokah's husband last week. I asked him to explain Republican politics to me. We drank coffee and he told me.

I'm not sure I picked the correct person to do this for me. A face-to-face meeting between peers who respect one another meant we were polite and agreeable. Ideas were shared. Questions asked.

I can read all I want about Republican theory, strategy, and history. I wanted to hear about what it meant to him to be part of a political party.

I learned more about civil discourse than I did partisan politics.

I'll keep trying.

This is the l-o-n-g-e-s-t political season ever. I'm exhausted.

Seeking Understanding,

Friday, October 03, 2008

Six Unremarkable Things About Me

Our sweet RevGal, MB offers a meme
here. I want to play "Six Unremarkable Things About Me", too. I've had a remarkable week but noting to say here on my blog.

1. When I buy new shoes, I don't wear them immediately. I let the new shoes "season" in my closet for a few days, then I put them on.

2. I write fan notes thanking authors of books I enjoy. I don't hear back from most, but that doesn't matter to me.

3. I use a silverplate Victorian sugar bowl to hold the pens and pencils on my desk. I bought it at an estate sale long ago. The bowl doesn't have a lid. Perfect for pencils, pens, scissors and a lone paintbrush.

4. I travel the same route to go to Little Church. I love this drive! People suggest alternate routes without success.

5. I love the smell of fresh turned earth.

6. I've taught myself how to do most household chores without "thinking" about the chores. I zen out and think about words, ideas and people instead.

Thanks, MB! I tag anyone who wishes to play.