Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Several Things...

A man describing his family, bemoaning how they turned out, said, "they coulda done anything and they went trailer park".

The Little Church kitchen is finished! We moved the kitchen from one room to another during our hurricane restoration. We have new cabinets, stove, sink and refrigerator to use! Looks great!

All is quiet on the Presbytery front as pastors disappear on vacations. We didn't renew our EP's contract in June. I'm watching how this staff hole works out.

My Summer reading is as varied as a garden. Junk, beach reads and heavy going literature all together in a stack of books. Love it!

Our home driveway is a big mess as the City repairs our Katrina damaged drainage.
So far, so good in their repairs. The worst of it is how often City crews repeat repairs like digging up a driveway portion only to repair it and dig it up again. Thanks to our Councilman, we are getting a more complete repair than the City planned.

I'm assisting a guest preacher this Sunday. I'll do the liturgy, he will preach. I cannot seem to remember this and keep going to the desk to write a sermon. I am a habitual preacher, I admit it.

The Great Heave of Clutter continues! Making progress! After the Dining Room lamp collection heave, I'm heading to the bookcases...

Glad to be here,


Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm thinking about:

*being a lousy blogger.

*the thrill of seeing our drainage damage from Katrina repaired! Driveway is a mess!
Landscaping in peril of giant equipment, but City warned! Catch basin to keep us from flooding from the Church Across the Street who elevated their parking lot asphalt so our lower lying property gets their water!

*only a few more weeks with LD before she begins her last year of High School at art school.

*getting rid of anything in the house I don't like looking at anymore!

*the utter wonder of Ordinary Time or Sundays After Pentecost, whichever one follows

*swimming pool converted from chlorine to saltwater, yippee!

*having an Icee on a hot day

*everyday is hot this time of year

*the groups coming to help with Coast rebuilding, even now! almost 4 years later!

*Governor's convention on the Coast this week! looks like a Republican love fest, thanks to our Governor

*prayer and more prayer for ailing pals, worried pals and grieving pals around the planet

*finding three pairs of Ferragamo sandals, all new, at the my size

Love to you,