Monday, November 30, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

How About This?

Saw this on Metafilter today. Quite the discussion for a PC(USA) pastor to read before cooking a Thanksgiving meal.

Your thoughts?


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home Again

I'm home! The 2009 NYC Eat&See ended Monday with safe travel home. No worries with travel from NO to Newark this year. The City surprised us with temperate weather in the '50's unlike last year when we felt like Artic explorers.

We saw "Shrek" (ok, but wind and burp noises made me sorry for the parents who took lil kids), "Next to Normal" (Sunday matinee and I'm sitting through a MUSICAL about suicide, depression and mental illness?)and "New Moon" (ok, I had to force my travel buddy to go to this movie). "Shrek" is a Disney production with bright sets, imaginative costumes and lots of LOUD music. "Next to Normal" was extraordinary because the sad themes really do work with good music, lyrics and acting. Going on a Sunday afternoon felt like a bus man's holiday for me. I understand why the play won awards. The set looked like other metal staging I've seen but functioned more gracefully.

The busy streets of the Theater District didn't sound as loud as we remembered. Then, we saw all the signs warning drivers to limit horn use and we realized this program worked. Not much blasting of horns until the weekend when visiting drivers came into the City.

We ate steaks at Uncle Jack's, Chinese Fusion at Shanghai Moon, split a corned beef sandwich at the Carnegie Deli, went to Sarabeth's and I searched for the red velvet cake cupcake at Macy's ( the store changed cupcake bakers so the cupcake I bought wasn't much). I had a lovely omelet at Le Bonne Soupe and five (count 'em) gingerbread men from Au Bon Pan (not at one time, calm down!) Travel Buddy loved the cheesecake at Juniors.

As for shopping: there was a bit of that. We went to the Greenflea at Columbus and 77th, the Garage and the nearby outdoor flea market. We went to Macy's, Bergdorf's, and Henri Bendel's, Lee's Art. Barney's windows weren't ready but we loved seeing Macy's Christmas windows.

What did I come home thinking? How glad I am to see the City and then return home to the silence and clear night skies of home. And seeing my people again.

Things OK with you?
St Casserole

Friday, November 06, 2009

Older People Sour-age

Pastoral issue here, Gals.
Personal experience tells us that older folks often think the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Everything is getting worse. Kids are horrible. Food doesn't taste as it did. Violence reigns...
Not all older people are sour about the future but many are. Like the ladies at the bridge table yesterday who asked,"do you know anything good?" I started naming good things like sweet parenting I observed, lovely cool weather, people being kind to each other. No matter what I offered the ladies retorted with negative words.
I took a deep breath then said, "I hear people over 40 often think the world is going to hell in a hand basket." No one smiled.
I suppose I'd be crabby about the future too if I depended on Fox news for my worldview, picked friends who were fearful and negative, read the mailers from the insurance industry about health care and looked at my stock portfolio everyday.
Yep, the world is in trouble. This is not new. Every generation sees the world as a troubled place.
Can we bring the theological idea of grace to the table?
In the midst of a confusing world, grace offers acceptance, welcome and a view of the kindness of God to each of us. Grace allows us to savor the blessings, cope with the difficulties and remember what is important.

Love from St.C.