Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let them Talk

Pastors learn from listening to their people.
When we listen, we learn the issues, the interests and hurts of those we offer ministry. Make listening a goal this year.


St. Casserole

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Flubby Week

Google's motto is : Do No Evil.
Medical People say: Do No Harm.
I say: Try Not to Hurt Feelings

This week I listened to pastors one-upping each other on the purity of their Session members. As in: "no one on my Session is divorced or has committed adultery."

Further pastoral conversation debated the use of the New King James' Bible versus the NIV in worship.

I heard Mr. C's hilarious riff on clients who do not listen to their attorney's advice while being willing to be charged for counsel. I see parallels to talk between pastors and church members. Without the billing.

LLS is off to chaperone a ski trip with her church youth. Paint me happy I'm not on that trip. LLS will be great but I'm finished with youth trips. Dues paid. Lack of sleep not appreciated.

One plum for consideration is changing the church school materials in the adult class to C.S.Lewis materials so participants stop talking politics throughout the class. These discussions criticize "other people" without realizing where we feed into the same problems. Who knew that Christ against Culture was a hot bed in church school.

We've had amazingly cold weather for DAYS down heah in the Deep South. I've filled three big bird feeders everyday for almost two weeks.

I 'bout gave up preaching last week over the Gospel lectionary text. Just couldn't move to cohesion or rhythm in the sermon. I told Mr. C. I'd be picking a trade school to get new work skills late Saturday night. He called after worship Sunday to see how the sermon went and when I reported that I got a good response and very good questions afterwards about the sermon, he laughed. It doesn't matter how long you've written sermons, you can get "stuck" still.

Cartoon strip is by my favorite cartoonist.