Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reporting Religious News

The local newspaper prints press releases from churches and other submitted information but doesn't report religious news in the community. Long ago, even small newspapers had religion reporters who interviewed subjects in person and researched issues. Not now. Just press releases and info from the wire services.

What would religious reporting do for our community if we had a savvy reporter on the beat? Could the information in a genuine religion section make a difference?

What would happen if newspapers published which churches dismissed pastors and why?
We've had several blood-lettings where churches dumped pastors for the goofiest of reasons. Granted, no one tells the real truth about these dismissals and churches do not think they are accountable to the larger (and outside of their faith) community.

A religion reporter keeping a tally of clergy crushing churches would be interesting.
Add a tally of which pastors extorted money and abused congregations and perhaps accountability would increase.

Pastors note among themselves which churches stomp on pastors and recall the pastors who continue to get employment despite bad behavior of all sorts.

How would it be if religion reporting told the community all the news about churches and faith groups?



Friday, February 19, 2010

Percy Jackson and Valentine's Day

We enjoyed both movies this week even if we liked LOVE ACTUALLY more than Valentine's Day. Haven't read the Percy Jackson books? We saw the movie anyway and thought it was clever.

St.Casserole, it's a long month isn't it?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Saints

Down here, we rejoice about the Saint's Super Bowl win.

Several local obituaries include, " he/she was glad to live long enough to see the Saint's win the Super Bowl."

Not kidding. We are THAT happy.

Hope all is well with you,