Sunday, March 23, 2008

The View From the Pew #6 Easter

Aunt Bostick here.

I've got my feet up. Easter Service went just fine. The preacher hollared until his face got red. The Chancel Choir did three special pieces and held in there until Old Dr. Hammer got wheezing. Even then, the sopranos did well except for Lolly Parks who got a hot flash under her choir robe and looked like someone sprayed a hose on her.
By the time we got to the Five Fold Amen, I was ready to go home.

The family came for lunch. I'd gotten the ham out of the oven and put the Splenda into the iced tea when they all drove up in the driveway. The girls helped me put the asparagus, tomato aspic and potato salad on the table. We had Harris-Teeter ice cream for dessert. My coconut from scratch cake days are over until I get this tennis elbow under control.

This is my last post in the "View from the Pew" for my niece. I'm worn out and ready to just watch my soaps while I knit for awhile. I've got a Reader's Digest to get through and I need to finish hemming the downstairs bathroom curtains. Enough is enough.

As St. Casserole said to me this afternoon, "Christ is Risen and the Boat is about to Dock". I know you understand what that means.

Glad to be with you girls.

Aunt Bostick

Friday, March 21, 2008

The View From the Pew Holy Week 5

Aunt Bostick here.

I've been in church so much this week that my purse is filled with bulletins.

I went by Parson's Nursery this morning to get bedding plants. We plant or buy plants on Good Friday down here. I'll put them out in the side yard tomorrow if the weather is clear.

Tonight, I'm just worn out. I'm thinking about all you gals who've churched yourselves into a stupor this week. Chin up! Sunday is coming!

Aunt Bostick

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The View From the Pew Holy Week 4

Aunt Bostick here. I'm not posting my picture today. I feel every single year this morning and I need a perm.

This picture of the Old Rommny Church in the UK will do. I'm thinking about water today.

The mid-West flooding and the up East heavy rains are just perfect for Holy Week. I'm sorry for those people. Too much water ruins and kills. Too little ruins and kills. You can't cry all the time although I've tried this week.
I cried the other day most of the day. We had a good rain here even if it doesn't make up for all the dry days we've had for the past six months. Cleaned off all the plants then set them growing lickety-split.

Holy Week gets me thinking of grief. Grief makes me cry. I'm just a hanky clutching mess until Sunday. You preachers think we'll miss the boat without all the Holy Week going into Easter things but those of us who know the Story don't. Going from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday is for newcomers. The rest of us understand.

They turned my dang water off at the house. I sent my bill in by electronic computer days ago but it takes ten days or so for the Bank to send a check to the Water Department then the Water Department eats bon bons for a few more days before posting my check. Came home from pruning roses in the Church memorial garden to find a bright yellow tag on my front door. Couldn't flush. Couldn't wash my breakfast dishes left in the sink.

Water, tears, floods, rain, Baptism. Holy Week. Foot Washing. Salted water for the parsley at the Seder Meal.

I nicked my finger pruning roses. Blood ran out, not water but I'm made of water.
I've got a pitcher of filtered water in the refrigerator. I drink it all day after I've had my coffee.

We are all together in this even if we don't know we are.

Time for "The View". Those ladies crack me up.

Aunt Bostick

P.S. The Iraq War is 5 years old today. I can't celebrate.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The View From the Pew Holy Week 3

Aunt Bostick here.
I was a bit teary yesterday. The tears started yesterday morning when I took my coffee to the back porch. I sat down to watch the birds and think about the day. I was fine until I started thinking about Jesus carrying his cross to Golgotha. Thinking about that boy carrying a heavy cross through a crowd who hated him made me cry. You just know that his mother and family were devastated.

This made me think about betrayal. Jesus loved people enough to tell them the truth about life and God and then then he was murdered.

If you live long enough, you know what it feels like to be betrayed. Hurts like the devil! Crying out for justice or fairness won't work in these situations. You get hurt no matter what you do.

I heard about how Sen. Obama talked about his preacher on the news yesterday. The think that amazed me was how Sen. Obama was not going to betray his pastor by throwing him aside. The issue of Pastor Wright's comments while preaching wasn't an either/or situation for the Senator. He stood with his pastor while saying he didn't agree with his pastor's comments, even if he understood why a Preacher would say things in righteous anger.

Sen. Obama could have betrayed his pastor, even though his pastor baptized his children and celebrated his marriage. I can't recall the last time I witnessed a public figure act as well as Sen. Obama.

I got a bit teary over how it must have felt to be Pastor Wright and Sen. Obama as they looked for a way to honor each other despite disagreements.

Writing about this makes me need another hanky.

Aunt Bostick

Monday, March 17, 2008

The View From the Pew Holy Week 2

Aunt Bostick here.
While I was talking with Myrtis about Wednesday Night Bible Study, I told her about being your guest blogger. I phone all the ladies on Monday night to remind them that we have Bible Study on Wednesdays in the Church Parlor. Our Church organized in 1912 and except when we had the black-out nights during WW2, we've met on the same night in the same place at the same time. Still, as Hospitality Chairwoman, I don't want the ladies to forget. Besides, since Ethel Blanchard got the high sugar, I have to remind everyone to bring a sugar free dessert every now and then.

Anyway, Myrtis and I discussed Holy Week. She said that when Rev. Christian did that foot washing on Maundy Thursday several years ago, all she could think about was how she needed her toenails cut and didn't want anyone to see her feet. She said that she wished that one year the Church would send somebody out to the older people's homes and nursing homes and cut their toenails. "I don't need for someone to wash my feet. I understand the Servant symbolism of re-inacting Jesus washing feet. What I really need is someone to cut my toenails!" She's right. You young people do not know what it is like to not be able to cut your own toenails.

I'm glad we are in modern times where I can write about toenails. No one should be ashamed of what they can't do anymore.

Think about it.

Aunt Bostick

The View From the Pew Holy Week

Aunt Bostick here, St. C. offered posting responsibilities to me for Holy Week.

I'm going to tell you straight out what it is like to be an older Believer sitting in the pew as you young people pastor us. When I fall short of ideas, I'll phone Beulah Lynch and get her opinion, too.

First off, about Palm Sunday: I know children are wonderful and if we don't include them early in worship, we miss the opportunity to disciple them. I like hearing the children sing and participate in the Service. I do not care much for letting them talk during the Children's Worship Time because they get "cute" and distract from worship. However, this post isn't about the place of children in worship.

Please remember that most mainline type churches are filled with women like me; older, widowed, living alone or in assisted situations, often far from our families.
We'd like attention, too. You may be young but you won't (God willing) be always. We can teach you a thing or two if you'd slow down and pay attention to us.

First off, Holy Week speaks our language. We know what it is like to live with impending death. We are closer to leaving this life behind than young people. We think about it all the time. When Beulah's Buick engine blew, it took every single one of her friends to convince her she had the time to get a new car and time to enjoy it. She just wasn't sure it made sense to get another car if she was going to join the Church Triumphant in the next ten years. She's in her 80's with 20/20 vision and the strength of a 40 year old woman from bossing the Ladies Drum Corp. all these years. Who do you think loads the drum cases into the Church Van? Those things are heavy.

Second, we know what it is like to face an ambiguous future as Jesus did. We've been there and done that and it's about time Cafe Press printed a tee-shirt for us.

Third, don't you young people understand that although we've heard the story of Holy Week many, many times, that we hunger for the hope Jesus Christ offers us in our time of life?

Push the eggs n' bunnies out of the way this Holy Week and love us, your older people.

Aunt Bostick

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lovely service at Little Church today. Plenty of palms to wave, happy children in worship, blue skies and an ordination and installation! God blessed us with two new Elders. I love Little Church.

Did I tell you one of my parishioners named a baby lamb for me?

Blessings to you this Holy Week,

St. Casserole

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My dear Niece,

You have not posted in four days. I know you well enough to realize that you are thinking about the BE Cruise all the time. Dear, tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Next week is Holy Week. Dear, please pay attention. Focus your thoughts on Cross and Holy Week. If I could see you right now, I know you are staring at your toes trying to decide what color polish to get for your Cruise Pedicure.

I understand that you are worried about getting a small, non-liquid gift type thing for all twenty of your gal's swag bags. You've seen what Cheesehead is giving as her swag and now you feeling competitive and crabby. Please. Bring an inexpensive swag gift for each conferee is optional. Then, no one wants anyone to spend a bunch of money on the swag. Really, you should just calm down. The cruise is about self-help and with Holy Week and Easter, you gals don't have the time to be worrying about gifts for everyone. I believe Cheesehead said this to you earlier. What about a simple paper bookmark with your blog name on it? What about a bag of hard candies, a small bag? What about a bulletin from your church?

You are worrying what to take in your luggage. Remember that you will want to be comfortable. I believe your cruise director, George, said that no one dresses up anymore and for the "fancy" night dinner if you just wear clothing rather than your tiger striped bathing suit from the thrift store, you will be fine. People will either like you or not and your clothing won't make a difference. Besides, don't people like you usually?

You are worrying about people complaining if things don't go well on the cruise or if some of the planning had rough spots. Dear, have your revgals ever planned one of these before? Thought not. Help everyone to go with the flow and put on their big girl clericals or church suits and just have fun.

Really! You young people wear yourselves out with worry and competitiveness. Chill, as we used to say.

What are you to focus upon? Jesus and him crucified! Keep your heart and mind there.


Aunt Bostick

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Martha-Lee and I will be on the road for three hours this morning traveling to the funeral of a great Churchman and friend. Our friend served us well here after the Storm and we will miss his wise counsel.

What better memory to leave behind than years of faithful devotion to God through the family of faith in the Church? He was wise, visionary and kind. His death ends a 50 year marriage to a creative woman who moved down here from Maine. In addition to his service to the Church, he was a birder, gardener, and friend to many.

We'll drive to the North East portion of the State, thank God for his life then rush home to mark our Primary ballots.

You could call us before 11 a.m. CDT or in the afternoon. Just saying.

St. Casserole

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gadzooks! The Presbyterian Outlook ditched the hideous black and white covers for color!

Ben Spark's article about the 1983 Reunion of the Church and Montreat is excellent.

Didn't finish reading the magazine. The phone rang. The dog barked. People came to the door.

St. Casserole

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monday, March 03, 2008

2008 Books Read

Elizabeth George, A Great Deliverance Inspector Lynley Mystery

Matthew Pearl, The Dante Club Very Clever

Susan Isaacs, Any Place I Hang My Hat Delightful Main Character

Caroline Alexander, The Bounty the True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty Fascinating, well written
St. Casserole, what are you doing RIGHT now?

I am hosting a Cat Nip Party in my study to keep the kitties out of the kitchen. Mr. C. is making gumbo. He wants to cook alone.

Things I've Seen Today

Magnolia sapling for $89.00. Just bring a shovel and get one from our yard instead.

Many Amish men building a porch on a restored hurricane home.

Dubby the Kitten trying to get Andy the Alpha Cat to play with him.

Swarming fire ants upset because I stuck a stick in their mound many many times.

Tiny little birds at my kitchen window feeder.

Wish I could see you,

St. Casserole

Woo! Woo! LLS visits this week! Cannot wait to see her!
I wish LSiL could come see us, too!

St. Casserole