Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Today

I learned that my ridge potato chips are "a healthy snack" and "good for me". I ate the rest of the bag because I am a good American consumer. The chips are regular grocery store brand of non-health food type.

Even better:

The lady at the quick stop told me she couldn't worry anymore about Obama's health plan. "It is in God's hands", she said with frustration. "I'm 62 now and when I turn 65 the Government will make me go see a hospice counselor to discuss my suicide."


"It's in Obama's plan" said Quick Stop Lady.

I told her, "I've read most of the plan and that's not in it."

"Oh, Yes it is! These Christian lawyers came to my Church and told us all about it."

I'm curious. What did the Christian lawyers say?

St.Casserole, wondering why minimum wage/no benefits people are terrified of Health Care Reform

Monday, September 14, 2009

This Week in My Heart

I'm home today while the Air Conditioning Guys install a new unit for the kitchen/family room part of our home. The weather is hot, steamy and miserable from days of rain followed with this morning's scorching heat. We've struggled through two days of "too hot to use the kitchen" and "too hot for good humor". By this afternoon, we'll be cool again for family room life.

I ran errands this morning to be home for the AC Guys. I arrived home to find the mailbox overflowing with college ads (for LD, the High School Senior), two bills and THE CHRISTIAN CENTURY.

I sorted the mail, threw another load into the wash and wandered off to read the new mag.

I turned to Gordon Atkinson's When Members Leave. He's got that right.

The next article, Life Expectancy: On Not Praying for a Miracle by Dayna Olson-Getty blew me away. She writes about her pregnancy with a baby with acrania, a birth difference where the skull does not form. She writes, "We can expect that if he makes it through birth, our little one will live for just a few minutes or hours".

With real honest words, Olson-Getty describes the planning she and her husband are making for their baby.

This article is part of the picture of why I am a Christian. To live our lives, with honesty and realism, to be faithful to God while enduring what makes no sense to many while living into a future with God, this is what is beautiful and weepy about faith.

If you got your September 22 issue of the CENTURY, read this article. If you don't subscribe, consider ordering a subscription.

Thank you, God, for people of faith. God bless the Olson-Gettys,


Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day It's Time!

Happy Labor Day!

May all of us have work to do, do it well, and find meaning in our work.

It's time to put up your Summer whites. Put away your white sandals, white purses,
white belts and all white accessories.

Put away your white linen slipcovers, sisal rugs used indoors for Summer and clean your ceiling fans.

Here in the Deep Hot South, Fall begins with Labor Day even if the expected high today is 88.

We do Fall fashion by switching from white linen clothing to dark colored linen clothing.

No more wearing of seersucker suits and white bucks, as of today.

Roll out the wool carpets, put up the Summer rugs and try to decide how you can wear a ladies suit, in a dark color, to a football game without melting in the stands.

No more Cajun Shrimp OPI nailpolish (or other Summer colors) at the Pedicure Parlor until Spring 2010.

Tough rules.

"Winter Whites" aren't believable until January and remain suspicious even then.

Must go fold up the linen slipcovers. Later, Tater,


Friday, September 04, 2009

Update September

*The City finished the front yard drainage repairs this week. We are pleased the chunk of driveway damaged by the two pine trees falling matches our original driveway. The brick work and new drainage form are beautifully formed.

*Little Church is in an excitement spurt with Fall plans. I'm loving seeing the congregation working on projects, looking beyond our restoration repairs and thinking of mission.

*I could use a break. I love preaching but have been hitting it week after week for weeks. Ordinary Time does this to me each Summer. No surprise that I'm looking forward to my visit with LLS/LSiL, a Cursillo retreat and my NYC Pilgrimage this Fall.

*From what I read about H1N1, you either have it if you have the flu this time of year or you don't have it unless you are sick enough to go to the hospital/ER. What do you think? Mr.C.'s been home this week on Tamiflu and is much, much better today.
LD may have it but may just have a cold from exhaustion at Art School. I'm doing fine and BETTER stay well.

*Why do people think prayer doesn't work when they don't get immediate results of what they've asked for? Prayer is part of a relationship with God. God isn't Santy Claus handing out treats whenever you ask.

*Preaching on the Book of James is aging me. Really. Forget Song of Solomon. It's not happening.

Wandering off for Another Cup of Coffee,


Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Poor Mr.C. woke up Monday morning feeling rotten. He went off to work but returned home feeling full of achy pains, feverish and giant coughs. Now he's on tamiflu and sports drinks. His fever is gone but the aches (relieved by Tylenol etc.) remain. He is being a good patient but is restless to return to the office. Dr. says, "No". He's got to stay away from the general population for at least another day.

I wouldn't mind prayers for him and for me. I feel fine but sure don't want to go through flu.