Monday, March 22, 2010

Time to let it go

Late in August 2005, our Governor called a mandatory evacuation as Hurricane Katrina churned in the Gulf of Mexico. We Casseroles complied, packing up the cats, computers, prescription meds and a few changes of clothing for the four of us.

Mr. C. and our Lovely Son returned with Gray Cat to our home after the storm. LD and I drove up the East Coast to stay with my LLS and LSiL.

I had enough clothing with me to last for a few days. The Aunts have fancier laundry equipment than most of the U.S. and were generous to us to use what they had to make us comfortable. For LD, this meant raiding their pantry for Oreo cookies (not a common food in our home) and eating Doritos all over the house.

After a week or so, I realized that needed to borrow a few shirts because I'd grown tired of the shirts in my suitcase. LSiL offered me a few of her Talbot's golf shirts, perfect for the September heat.

I love wearing her clothes. My LLS wears beautiful clothes, but somehow the beautiful clothing of my LSiL wows me. Maybe I think I'll become tall and elegant if I wear her things.

She loaned me an aqua Talbot's golf shirt. Weeks later when I packed to return to the Coast, I asked her if I might take the shirt home with me. She agreed.

For the past, almost 5 years, I've worn her aqua Talbot's golf shirt about every ten days or so, year round.

Tonight, after I returned from a long day of church work and then checking on our College Boy (LS), I came home to eat Mr.C's spaghetti with italian sausange sauce for supper. I'd changed from my preacher clothes to the aqua shirt and yoga pants to signal I was HOME and OFF-DUTY. We talked over the day and after eating, I began to clean up the kitchen.

I looked down at my aqua shirt and thought I saw a spaghetti stain up near the collar. I peered closer realizing I have another hole in the fabric. At year three of wearing the shirt, a hole appeared in the shoulder seam. Later, a paint stain appeared on the front hem. The button placket is wearing away from the shirt. I've paid no attention to these signs of aging. The golf shirt is aqua still, very soft and fits loosely allowing me to do everything in it except wear it out in public.

Thinking about this new hole prompts me to wonder if it is time to put it in the Rescue Mission bag. Probably not, because I try to give them reputable clothing. Their shoppers need better items. Cut it up to use as one of my silver polishing cloths? Sounds good.

It is time to let it go, with a grateful heart for the hospitality offered to me and my LD by LLS and LSiL, just when we needed it most.



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hey There

Since I last wrote, I flew to Atlanta to grade ordination exams, slipped on the airport terminal floor, threw my laptop case as I fell and lost my Christmas gift laptop.

Christmas laptop couldn't be fixed (Hey Lady! did you see this crack in the screen? can you hear the broken fan?).

I picked up my new laptop yesterday. Here I am, this very minute, enjoying a new, non-cat haired laptop!

I'm a sorry blogger these days busy with Lent, Lovely Daughter and thinking deep thoughts. Mr.C. is in court everyday and returns home to read his new book, "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer". He says it's even better than the Jane Austen zombie books by the same author.

Little Church is chugging along with more things going on than six months ago. As our membership grows, activities increase, excitement builds and we are just happy.
Spring landscaping plans are in process. We are far enough South to be Spring-y early with bulbs flowering and trees sending out blooms and yellow pollen.

I'm thinking about the RevGal BE.3 in about a month. I'll see you there, I hope, and will be ready for a Diet Coke with an umbrella perched on the side of the glass.

Lent, it's what we are doing/being,