Thursday, June 09, 2011

Iced Tea

Drinking tea over ice is a Southern tradition. Adding teaspoon after teaspoon of sugar to the cold tea is another Southern habit.
I made a glass of fake tea yesterday, some form of peach-flavored tea with enough artificial additives to make me glow in the dark. I grabbed an iced tea spoon to stir the mixture around and around the glass amazed at how much noise I made.
Then I became homesick for my Grandmother, long dead,she could whip a sterling silver iced tea spoon around a glass so loudly all table conversation stopped. Papa told me, "Don't make noise when you stir your tea."
In her honor, when I am alone, I intend to rattle a sterling iced tea spoon with great vigor and noise this Summer.

Iced Tea
2-3 family sized tea bags of Community Tea
enough boiling water to keep the tea dark, if you like strong tea flavor
Simple syrup of boiling water and cane sugar, mixed until blended
tall glass
iced tea spoon
*Mint sprig from your herb garden, if possible

Love, St.Casserole