Saturday, June 27, 2009

For Historical Record

June 25 was the 31st anniversary of my ordination to the Word and Sacrament of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. (now the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and...

the formation of the Anglican Church in America in Bedford, Texas.

When I complain that battles fought 31 years ago continue today, believe me.

Jesus, won't you come by here,
Jesus, won't you come by here,
Now is such an easy time,
Jesus, won't you come by here.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not Really A Sizzling Topic Here

Dear World,

What's with Episcopalian and Anglican white guy eyebrows?
Giant wild eyebrows distract.
Do the men think the untended eyebrows show status?
I see the eyebrows first, then hear the words through the eyebrows.
Rather than looking cool or more-concerned-about-holiness-than-grooming, wild eyebrows look affected.
I'm not posting pics of the offenders. You may search for the new head of a new group of Episcopalians (are they "real" episcopals if they ignore the Bishop?) and at our Anglican leader across the Sea.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot Summer, Did I Mention it's Hot?

Hot and dry here on the Coast. If I'm not outside watering plants I'm inside cooling off from watering plants.

E. says hot dry weather heats up the Gulf for a GREAT hurricane season. Fabulous!

Yesterday, the temps "felt like", as they say in weather reports, 107 degrees.

I scramble to get my errands and scavenging done before 10am. in the morning.

Can I get another complaint in this post? It's hot.

Crabbily yours,


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Opossums and O People!

Early this morning, I heard an opossum scream in a neighbor's yard. Opossums are good pals because they eat pests. Unfortunately, they make a miserable scream noise when frightened. The sound reminds me of a human scream for a microsecond until I recall I'm listening to a prehistoric marsupial who does not want to harm me. "Leave ME Alone!" is the subtext of the scream.

Good neighbors in the yard. Loud screaming when disturbed. Reminds me of O People in congregations who respond to fear by screaming.

If the squeaky wheel gets the grease, then Opossums are the wheels who get attention. Same with O People who raise their voices when feeling uneasy.

I leave opossums alone. I move closer to O People to determine what is upsetting them and to reassure them.

Screamers aren't attractive. Look at the opossum picture. I walked out to my driveway in Biloxi years ago and almost fell over an opossum. Yuk! I ran in one direction, Ms. Opossum sped off in the other.

O People screaming attracts attention but doesn't do the o person much good. Go find out what is going on and begin to deal with the problem. If O people feel heard, they scream less. If O people get appropriate (not fearful) attention from you, they may learn how to express their fears without screaming.

St.Casserole, still learning

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Why do I go to Estate Sales? See video. From Apron Thrift Girl and Retro Renovation.

St.Casserole, surrounded by treasures