Monday, April 27, 2009

State Holiday

Today is Confederate Memorial Day in Mississippi.

That's right, State offices, the Courts and Banks are closed as we recall those who died in the Confederate Army.

What year is this?

I have people who fought in the Confederacy which seemed to them, like a good idea even a noble idea.

That was then. This is now.

I do not believe in slavery, breaking up the Union or mint juleps (nasty! way too sweet!)

We cannot re-write history but it makes no sense to celebrate being on the losing end of a War for the right to own human beings.

We are the poorest State in the Union but we shut down the State for this holiday.

I'd like us to put this holiday aside.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh, Hey!

Anyone still there?

The BE 2.0 was fabulous. I loved seeing all of you and missed those who couldn't come to Arizona.

We've received five new members in the past six months at Little Church. I'm enjoying the new members enjoying the congregation.

We had ten people at Sunday School this morning. I recall when attendance was 2-3 including me.

LD and LS finish up the school year in a few weeks. Both have long papers to write before end of term.

Mr.C. and I married 28 years ago today. We married during the regular Sunday worship service. I've never heard of anyone doing this. Have you?

The hydrangeas are blooming. The cats are fat and happy. We describe Sister the Dog's breed as "A/C Lab" because she prefers being indoors with us during hot weather.

You doing OK?

Glad to be back,

(Pic is Bidden or unbidden, God is present, looks like from Wild Goose Studio.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Few Thoughts

Wouldn't it be great if we could count on our Government to act better than the citizenry? I'm thinking of the Feds not allowing prisoner Paul Minor time out to go be with his dying wife. Mrs. Minor died Monday. What was the point of making sure he couldn't be with her?

For a happy Holy Week, listen to Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon on audio CDs.
Lovely to hear Father Tim and his childhood friends speak. Scripture, beautiful quotes and Grace on a 10 CD set.

In the book, Karon writes about Father Tim, "He liked being in a place where everything from forgetfulness to homicide could be blamed on the heat." Holly Springs is a real town in north Mississippi.

From Mr.C, often quotable, "The difference between art and crafts is art makes a statement, crafts do not."

And from Suz, the Garage Sale Genius, about a poorly told story, " the E.O.H. is missing." (E.O.H. = element of humor).

I'll be AZ tomorrow looking at an unfamiliar desert world and seeing many of you. To those who won't be there, I'll miss you. Next year? Please say yes.

St.Casserole, looking for my phone charger and Mom Jeans

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fear: It's Everywhere

This NYTimes article makes me feel ill. Not because I don't believe the article, but because I know it is true.

If all we have to fear is fear itself, then I'm getting afraid of the level of fear and anxiety I see around me.

We need strength to be available to those who need us. To offer companionship through these times.

Lord, help us not smite those who put odd apocalyptic spin on current events. Amen.

Hope, trust and humor help us. So does a listening ear.

Holy Week, it lasts a month,


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Garden Report

The Southern way of gardening says, "don't put your seedlings and young plants out until Good Friday." I put out a few plants mid-March because the weather turned warm.

It's chilly here at 42 degrees this morning.

The azaleas are finished blooming although I have a few still showing flower. The Bradford pear bloomed several weeks ago. The magnolia trees are full and ready to bloom, but not yet.

In my courtyard, the wisteria from the grounds of the College of Preachers at the National Cathedral survived the winter and is leafing out mightily. Mr.C. can't stand wisteria because of the invasive tendencies but enjoys I brought home as seed Summer before last and planted it in a large clay pot.

My hydrangea are coming out with leaves. Gerberra daisies bloomed through the Winter with 7 blooming right now. The purple mandivilla survived Winter with some freeze damage and is blooming again. The bridal wreath is going strong, too.

A pot of tiny purple flowers with yellow centers emerged from Winter sleep.

My soil is improving with added topsoil and fertilizer making a great day for all the weeds. My weeds changed with the new topsoil and the blow around of Katrina. I wish I knew all of their names! One weed looks like a giant heather with a pod crown and must be part of the Scottish heather family. My version isgrand but it's a weed.

I'll try to wait until Friday to put out the seedlings and small plants but Holy Week isn't a great time for gardeners who are preachers.

How's it growing at your home?

St.Casserole, delighted with dirt

Thursday, April 02, 2009

If your mind and heart are full of concerns about people, and you've prayed your early morning prayers, the best thing to do is pick up A Wrinkle In Time to read.


Here and There,