Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Waiting for the Election

There are less than two weeks before the Presidential election. The waiting gets on my nerves. Further nerve damage is anticipated as I wait to see what the Republicans will do in the final days. I remember Lee Atwater, I remember the Iran hostage last minute boogie, I am tensed for another meanness to occur. In the NYT online today, there is an advertisment showing President Bush comforting a young girl. The text says something like, "the most powerful man in the world (Bush) and his only thought is to keep me safe." I don't feel "safe" with Bush as President. He has ruined our foreign policy, he thinks the problem with medical care come from trial lawyers and he allowed and enabled Vice President Cheney's Halliburton contracts. There's more, of course, that doesn't make ME feel "safe" but those are enough for now. If the Democrats had behaved as the Republicans do, there would be uproar. But what is not ok for the Dems is fine for the Repubs, apparently. It is not the trial lawyers fault that we do not have adequate flu vaccines, it is not the terrorists fault that oil is over $50 a barrel and it smells like treason to me that the military is fighting a "war" that doesn't address the complex issues of terrorism.
I am not a political commentator. The above proves that but as a citizen I do care deeply about the direction and vision of the United States. The odd dissonance of talking with people who support President Bush because they see him as "moral" is upsetting me.
I am interested in the moral issues. What I see and understand is not how my neighbors, friends and local newspaper see the issues.
The waiting is getting on my nerves.

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