Friday, September 14, 2007

Not the CCL!

Dear Grace and all those who are wondering if I am becoming the Crazy Cat Lady,

I discussed the issue of multiple cats and the effect on CCL with Songbird who has assured me, in two separate phone calls, that four cats does not a CCL make.

I am not at all defensive about the suggestion that I am a CCL. Not.One.Bit.


No way am I defensive.


You can see that the CCL Action Figure has seven cats. I have four. Just 4.

Not defensive. Not the the defense-inator. Nope.


St. Casserole


Sue said...

Four cats are definitely not enough to make a CCL. My friend who has four cats and a massive black lab/Newfie dog has proven this fact.

Kathryn said...

No - 4 is just fine.
1 and a semi detached cat is definitely too few...but only 2 weeks ago we were a happy 3 cat household...4 is, it seems to me, a wise insurance policy.
Though I do have 2 dogs and a horse, so maybe I'm not the best arbiter?

Presbyterian Gal said...

You can be a CCL with just ONE cat. Really! Just imagine those who feed their cats with the best china, give them bottled Evian water, share the morning paper with them, don't go on vacations because the cat will miss them, and name them as co-trustees on their trust agreements. Really.

You personally could have 20 cats and still not be a CCL.

No more worries now.

Quotidian Grace said...

Ok, you're 3 cats short of CCL-ed-ness!

Just remember, it's a slippery slope.



PPB said...

My parents have explained to me the rule for CCLness:
a) you get one cat per legal resident of your home (so kids away at college count)
b) you get one additional emergency back-up cat.
c) You don't have to get rid of cats when said kids at college finally graduate and get places of their own, but you do not get to replace said animals should they expire after your progeny have left home (left home is defined as all belongings that cannot fit in a normal suitcase have been removed from the premises.)

So, by this formula, I get 2 cats before heading into CCL zone. I get my one cat and my emergency back-up cat. You, with 4 legal residents, get 5.

LadyBurg said...

Nope, not a CCL. Seven - I think that would make one a CCL, however. You don't have seven so you are fine.

I'm alergic to one (sooo sad) so four would be well, dangerous. :)

By the way, the new kittie is adorable!

DogBlogger said...

I'd never heard that formula, PPB... good one!

1-4 Grace said...

Four is good. I have seen the CCL action figure and in no way do you resemble her in anyway,
Well, maybe you do have some cat hairs on your black jacket, but other than that, nope.
Mugsy and Mel are rolling in the floor wrestling each other. it is so cute!!!!!
I ma only two behind you and i have a pet frog named Bonnie!

1-4 Grace said...

I just realized (because the people at the office just sent a note!!!) that the boys B-day package was sent back.
Apparently, a package over 13 ounces is considered dangerous and so you can't jsut put stamps on it and send it.
I weighed it at home and it was between 8-9. Anyhow, I will take it to P.O. on Monday and get it sent off again.
the limit used to be 16 ounes, but now it is 13. And why do they think a lady pastor in the South could be dangerous? The kittycats are more dangerous than me!
Oh, there is a nte inside that it is from Mel, but lets just add Mugsy's name in to. He is part of the family now!
Oh, and the boys should share with Dubbie and Andy. But, if they dont want to, the n it is fine. It WAS THEIR B-day after all.
It is on the way again Mondya!@!!!!
Another long word ver

MayB MayB Not said...

I assure you that 4 cats does not make you a CCL ... I should know, I've had 4 cats for 5 years now! (and the middle cat has such a much better personality now that she is no longer the "middle child!") Serena

Diane said...

I actually kind of want the librarian doll

Presbyterian Gal said...

Halloween is coming. You might want to check this cat lady costume out.

*ducking quickly from shoe thrown at my head*