Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm thinking about:

*being a lousy blogger.

*the thrill of seeing our drainage damage from Katrina repaired! Driveway is a mess!
Landscaping in peril of giant equipment, but City warned! Catch basin to keep us from flooding from the Church Across the Street who elevated their parking lot asphalt so our lower lying property gets their water!

*only a few more weeks with LD before she begins her last year of High School at art school.

*getting rid of anything in the house I don't like looking at anymore!

*the utter wonder of Ordinary Time or Sundays After Pentecost, whichever one follows

*swimming pool converted from chlorine to saltwater, yippee!

*having an Icee on a hot day

*everyday is hot this time of year

*the groups coming to help with Coast rebuilding, even now! almost 4 years later!

*Governor's convention on the Coast this week! looks like a Republican love fest, thanks to our Governor

*prayer and more prayer for ailing pals, worried pals and grieving pals around the planet

*finding three pairs of Ferragamo sandals, all new, at the my size

Love to you,



Cheesehead said...

You had me at Ferragamo.

Love you. Mean it.

WV: fixem. Indeed.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Love back to you too!!!

Seriously, saltwater? That sounds divine.

Rev SS said...

Love those good thrift store finds! And, who knew you could put salt water in a swimming pool?

Anonymous said...

green with envy over your shoe mojo - i still covet the silver ones from BE.1 - love saltwater - so much better for skin and hair!!

Jennifer said...

It's good to hear from you anytime. You're anything but a lousy blogger.

seethroughfaith said...

love the pic

saltwater? really?!

1-4 Grace said...

All in your size? Wow. You must be living right.
So glad folks are still coming your way.
Sounds like your love for your gub-uh-neer is at same level as mine. Ewwwww

Sue said...

Lots of love right back atcha St. C.