Saturday, August 08, 2009

John Wesley's Feline Fan

"Mr.C., whatever you do, don't let Sister (the Dog)out! The Methodists are having a funeral and there is a wedding at the Presbyterians!"

Living across the street from a Methodist Church and catty-corner from a Presbyterian congregation, some discretion is advised. For example: don't sit in your lawnchair popping ice cubes at passing cars when the Methodists are having a function. Don't cut the grass or play lawn croquet while the UMC's get together for a funeral.

Mr.C. said, "Where is Andy?"

Ah, the rub. Our cat Andy panders after the Methodists. We are a Calvinist household a beacon of Reformed constraint amidst the Baptist majority of our neighborhood. Except for Andy the Cat. Andy loves the Methodist Church.

He crosses the street to sit in their church yard. He's gone into the sanctuary several times, most memorably during a wedding as the wedding director held the door open for the Bride to enter for the processional. Minutes later, a well dressed woman in very high heels shooed Andy out waving her program.

Who knows if Andy is over at the funeral right now? Maybe he knew the decedent or her people. Maybe he's just visiting with the funeral director, a poplular man who knows everyone in town.

I presented Calvin's view of scripture, the Church, and governance to Andy. He turned away and began a lengthy cat bath. I read several of Calvin's prayers to Andy. He closed his eyes. Great! He's moved by Calvin's piety. Nope, Andy took a nap.

No matter how passionately I plead Calvin's case, Andy pays no attention.

Andy loves John Wesley. Andy loves listening to the Methodist choir practice. He loves the Methodist church children.

I question my effectiveness as a leader and teacher when my own cat eschews John Calvin to warm his heart (and paws) at the Methodist Church.



Jane Ellen+ said...

Given the chance, I can't help but wonder how Andy would feel about Richard Hooker... ;-)

Songbird said...

Don't blame yourself, St. C. He came to you as a young adult, and you cannot know what influences formed him. At least he goes to church, right?

Susan O said...

Dear Theo is a methodist, too! Riddle's a Quaker, but Theo's a Methodist. I tried. I really did.

Presbyterian Gal said...

I'll bet Andy is sitting right on top of the coffin at that funeral meowing "Afflicted by a Gracious God."

My remaining cat, Lucy, appears to be ag-paws-tic. Much as I've tried.

Songbird said...

Dear Aunt Casserole,
I am a Con-jure-gation-list. Is that okay?
My Mama says Molly was a 'Vers-list, but she went to our church, so that can't be right.
Your friend,

zorra said...

Could he be predestined to be an Arminifelinian?

1-4 Grace said...

Methodist have the best church dinners

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh dear! well... that's those independent felines for ya. mochajava is decidely very lutheran... he's all about grace since he forages in my office, looking for another church catalogue to shred to smittereens...

on another note... you have a cameo in the new film julia & julie... t hought of you!

Mary Beth said...

Just goes to show you that there's a flava of God for everyone.

Sue said...

Our cats choose to keep their denominational leanings to themselves. However, I'm fairly certain that Ouzo is United Church of Canada because he does LOVE him some food. We do food really well. Especially casseroles and jellied salads.

Truffle tends toward deeper introspection. We will have to stay tuned to find out where her true allegiance rests.

Rev SS said...

I've never known a cat to follow my leadership ... so am not surprised to hear this.