Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hey There

Since I last wrote, I flew to Atlanta to grade ordination exams, slipped on the airport terminal floor, threw my laptop case as I fell and lost my Christmas gift laptop.

Christmas laptop couldn't be fixed (Hey Lady! did you see this crack in the screen? can you hear the broken fan?).

I picked up my new laptop yesterday. Here I am, this very minute, enjoying a new, non-cat haired laptop!

I'm a sorry blogger these days busy with Lent, Lovely Daughter and thinking deep thoughts. Mr.C. is in court everyday and returns home to read his new book, "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer". He says it's even better than the Jane Austen zombie books by the same author.

Little Church is chugging along with more things going on than six months ago. As our membership grows, activities increase, excitement builds and we are just happy.
Spring landscaping plans are in process. We are far enough South to be Spring-y early with bulbs flowering and trees sending out blooms and yellow pollen.

I'm thinking about the RevGal BE.3 in about a month. I'll see you there, I hope, and will be ready for a Diet Coke with an umbrella perched on the side of the glass.

Lent, it's what we are doing/being,



knittinpreacher said...

I'm sad I did not know you were in Atlanta - -I could have come and rescued you from grading for a meal or coffee or sunlight or fresh air!

zorra said...

I hope YOU were OK when you fell--not as concerned about the laptop but I know it was a nice new one.

Wish I could have been in Atlanta with you. I miss reading ords. Maybe next year.

Sue said...

Zorra beat me to it - I was going to make sure YOU were ok after your fall. Hope so.

I love imagining Spring-y things happening - somewhere!

Mary Beth said...

Glad all is well. Raise a glass to me!

Jules said...

No BE3.0 for me, I'm afraid. I'm fixin' to go on my honeymoon halfway around the world later this spring, and saving my pennies for that. :)