Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pruning is A Mercy

When I can't control what I'd like to control, when my frustration index is high and the rain (from Alex) keeps coming down, yard work saves me.

We have a big yard with large established azaleas and shrubbery. I grow flowers and herbs along with a rich variety of weeds. Keeping everything going takes more time than I have but oh!, how wonderful to have the work when my spirit droops!

I have good garden tools. My yard man cleans up the piles of pruning limbs and weeding heaps.

Today, in the rain, I cleared out the box woods in the front of the house. Leveled the playing field. Mr.C., if you are reading this, you will be shocked when you see the piles of debris and no green bushes in front of the house. Take a deep breath and enjoy knowing that I did this instead of running off to a therapist or cleaning out your closet.

Love and Glad to See You,



jo(e) said...

I can so relate! Getting outside to garden or do yard wok keeps me sane.

God_Guurrlll said...

My garden is my place of sanctuary.

When I was in CPE several years ago I was quite anxious. My bushes, flower gardens and vegatables had a great year that year. The neighbors suspected I hired a yard man because everything was so perfectly manicured.

Jane Ellen+ said...

Oh, Amen!! This is why I've started planning a few Square Foot Gardens for our next home-- even though I don't know where it will be yet. Cheap therapy.

Kathrynzj said...

Mine is not with gardening, but I do understand pruning the controllable in order to live with the things that cannot be controlled.

Sue said...

Whether it is gardening, painting, biking or another activity - there is something wonderfully relaxing about doing something you can control. I also like to know that there is something I can say I started, worked on, and actually finished. Odd, but even doing laundry will help sometimes.