Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Things I loved about Christmas 2010:

Worship at Little Church during Advent and the Christmas Eve service

Seeing the bottle tree decorated with fresh wine bottles and sparkly white lights

Putting lights on the stump grinder on the front porch no one will move it to the backyard, so I put lights on it

Being dressed as "Christmas-y" as I'm willing to do (shiny red Dansko clogs with a green boiled wool jacket) and having Mr. T. comment, "Nothing says Christmas like a shrimp pin!" I pinned my shrimp brooch on the jacket.

Having the children home and meals around the table with them.

Having Mr. T at home for vacation day.

Cold weather followed by our ususal 60+ December weather.

What I miss this Christmas:

Having our favorite Songbird visit but lives change and I understand.

Hearing about LLS's Christmas Day meal and wishing I could be at her table. She's the best cook I know.

How did the holiday go for you?

St. Casserole


Mary Beth said...

Most wonderful!!

My mom is DYING for a bottle tree and has all the bottles ready. Where did you get yours? If you don't mind sharing.... Loveyou! marybethbutler at gmail dot com

Songbird said...

I miss you and feel wistful!!