Monday, December 03, 2007

On the Way to Church Report

Left for Church: 20 minutes late
Saw as I left: Methodist putting up a tent in their church yard
Took as I left: Bible, sermon, alb, Advent stole, agenda, coffee
Road Conditions: clear, blue skies, dark clouds off in the distance
Animals Escaped: two goats by the side of the road
Birds Observed: 4 buzzards
Christmas Inflated Yard Decorations: lost count
Stops: one for cough medicine, one for coffee
Number of Hunters at Coffee Stop: 6 in parking lot
Thought About: sermon, beginning of Year A, Advent
Felt: full of cold
Emotional Status: happy

St. C, just reporting in


Songbird said...

But were they inflated?
We pass a rather terrifying little Christmas village on our way. It's best to direct one's gaze elsewhere.

Sue said...

The sooner the inflatable yard decoration fad passes, the better.

zorra said...

((St C)) Happy here, too.

Happy New Year.

Mary Beth said...

The uninflated inflatables are the worst part to me. A yard full of...dead Christmas cheer!

Such a metaphor for The Christmas Machine!

But it sounds like your morning was gorgeous. Hope your cold deflates soon.

Lorna said...

what's the story behind the methodist tent??? are they (still) church-less or was this an alternative camping weekend or what. The mind boggles

Cathy said...

I am waiting for #9 what not to buy for Christmas, you smelt it you dealt it buy.

1-4 Grace said...

I have often wondered how much the electric bills are for those who insist upon "blowing up" Santa and sleigh, Frosty, and the nativity.
Yes, blow up baby Jesus makes me shutter!
Do y'all have camoflage colored stockings or is it just over here?