Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Great News! Restoration of Little Church begins!

We worshipped in a pew-less sanctuary Sunday. A Virgina Church sent us new folding chairs for a Sunday School room after the storm. We used these and our other chairs to make a cozy worship space. The sanctuary looked wild!

The old sheet rock is removed so that the wood underneath is visible. The walls and ceiling look like Joseph's coat of many colors with painted boards showing in green, blue and white. These boards supported the old sheet rock and will be used to hold the new work. We speculate the boards are salvaged from the old sanctuary which burned 90 years ago. Good old Presbyies! Waste nothing. Save everything!

The old wood burning stove flue is visible. Up front, near the pulpit, the position of the stove must have comforted the preachers with warmth and shortened the sermon when the heat reminded the preacher of you-know-where.

With the sheet rock gone, the perfect acoustics of the sanctuary left, too. I had to use my ultra-powerful-seminary-trained-playground-supervisor Voice. Worshippers left with their eyebrows blown upwards.

Thank you for helping Little Church! Several of you sent money, one of you sent two large gifts TWICE! Your generosity helps us!

Those of you who contacted me about helping, call me back. Thanks!

St. Casserole, Happy

*pic is after the storm of a ceiling edge showing wood underneath. Imagine all dark wood! The sheet rock will be replaced after wiring, etc. etc. is completed!


Songbird said...

I love the image of the preacher and the stove, and of you and your highly trained voice-age.

Teri said...

woohoo!!! :-)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Praise God it's begun! I am doin' the happy dance.

And laughing at the visual of blown up eyebrows.

Sue said...

WooHoo!!! I love that you got to use your playground authoritative Voice!

Anonymous said...

So exciting!!

zorra said...

That's wonderful news!

1-4 Grace said...

I can actuallly image you using the highly trained voice! Charge. So happy for you!
Oh and the hubcap thing is just 'cuz I don't know what to call the opposite of intinction!
Are Whistle and Fish ready for their big day?

Gracebythesea said...

Whoo Hoo! Let the recovery and the healing BEGIN!!!