Monday, July 28, 2008

Garden Report

The Courtyard garden squash-in-container experiment produced one yellow squash. The four new squash plants joined the Garden Triumphant after a bug attack. Watching these plants grow is a pleasure, seeing the plants wilted and attacked is not.

Verbena, the Courtyard Toad, stays in the pursulane where she thinks no one can see her. She sings at night in a deep toady key. Perhaps she is Mr. Verbena.

Sheep's Ear, hydrangea, begonia, herbs and tomato's are doing fine. My purple and blue theme looks great.

In the front yard, the bowling ball art installation looks great. Mr. C. is unsure what he thinks. The neighbors can't see the bowling balls behind the enormous azalea bed.

The potato vine thrills me! I've rooted many pots of the vine to give to friends.

The birdcage stuffed with tacky Christmas angel lights looks bad. Bad, I tell you. I have it hanging from a branch under the sculpted ligurstrum.

All the new bird feeders stay empty unless I fill them every day. My birds are delighted.

I water my courtyard pots once a day. The heat is despicable. We've had rain twice in the past three days. Thank you, God, for rain, plants, soil and time to enjoy outdoors!

St. Casserole, not really a vegetable farmer


DogBlogger said...

Hopefully, your squash and our cucumbers and cantaloupes are enjoying each other's company in the Garden Triumphant. *Sigh...*

1-4 Grace said...

Symphathy on your loss.Do you need squash recipes?

LittleMary said...

but this just sounds beautiful! I am a bit city jealous:)

Listing Straight said...

This is a lovely post, but I feel like something is missing.


I hope that you are well-

Mary Beth said...


Sounds gorgeous. Bowling ball sculpture!?

Ligustrum...I am SOOOO allergic to those when they bloom. My house in Houston was surrounded by 15-foot tall ligustrum shrubs on 3 sides. Nice.

Songbird said...

I like the idea of the Garden Triumphant, since many of my efforts have gone on ahead to welcome your squash plants.
Always good to hear about Verbena!

1-4 Grace said...

Oh...there is a shout out for you at my place.

Cathy said...

I always know that what you describe when it comes to the yard will be the things that I could find in my yard. I think a picture is DEFINITELY in order.

Anonymous said...

i have certainly sent my share of plants to the garden triumphant - but I do love the potato vine - such a pretty green.

Christine said...

Hey, have you fried that egg yet?

Sue said...

Oh how I would love to see your courtyard! Especially the bowling ball art.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Yes, when you post the picture of the fried egg experiment, a shot of the bowling ball sculpture and the birdcage with angel lights would be nice accompaniment.

And I have only killed half the potted annuals this year. It helped buying succulents.