Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh! If only you could be here! Great conversation, fabulous meals and time with my sisters!

I'm going to see Listing Straight, Mr. Listing and Little Listing in a few days.

The Fall colors are fabulous here. I'm surprised at how warm it is here. I'm wearing shorts wishing I brought my flip flops.

James Taylor announced he is giving five concerts around North Carolina for Obama. I'm hoping we get tickets for Taylor's concert here.

Thanks for your phone calls during my drive.




Presbyterian Gal said...

I wanna see Sweet Baby James too!!!! Oh if only I could fit inside your purse. I'd be realllllly quiet and wouldn't eat much.


1-4 Grace said...

I wanna go see James too...what a voice...what a great cause!
have fun with sister, sil, and give Listing a great big Revgal hug for us all

1-4 Grace said...

Oh, if you need a place to tinkle on the way home, call me and I will give you my exit number

Sue said...

Sounds like a lovely visit!

Barbara B. said...

I love James Taylor!!!

Songbird said...

What's the word? Did you get the tickets?