Sunday, May 17, 2009

Festival of Homies!

I'm driving towards Atlanta this morning. Going to see my Cheesehead and others at the Festival of Homies! Happy about this.

If you are a RevGal going to the Festival, give me a shout out! Shout "RevGals Yooo Hooo" when you can so I can find you.

I have red hair and carry a sewing bag. Look for me. I'll be confused and following Cheese around. She's taller than I am and wears good shoes.

Traveling mercies to all going to the Fest,

Love in God who loved us first,



Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Have a wonderful time!!

Sue said...

Have a great time St. C. - wish I could join you. From past experience, if you are a RevGal and are looking for St. C. and friends, just head toward the crowd of fabulous looking women (and a few men) laughing very loudly and having more fun than all the "Very Serious Because I'm On Con-Ed" people.

Oh, and do look down at the ground because Cheese really does have fabulous shoes. Srsly.

Traveling mercies to all of you.

Songbird said...

Hav fun!

Jane Ellen+ said...

I cannot promise good shoes-- I am rather utilitarian that way-- but I will be sporting a handy new crocheted tote. Can't Wait!

Rev Honey said...
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knittinpreacher said...

I will miss seeing ya'll. Have some fun for me.

1-4 Grace said...

I leave in the AM, there abouts, and will be carrying a pewter/metalicy bag.
I have shorter blonde hair and my butt is bigger now.
okay, I know you are "the Cass" but you really need to make your word verf more legible.
this has nothing to do with my being 40!

Rev Kim said...

We'll miss seeing you this year. Looking forward to reading the updates! If you run into BBT, please don't make a fool out of yourself like I did the first time that I met her.

But even if you do, she's just as gracious and kind as you'd expect her to be.

Magdalene6127 said...

Have a ball, everyone!

KP, let's you and I plan for sure to go next year...

revkjarla said...

have a blast, and you rock some pretty swell shoes yourself.

my word verf is "preti"!