Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot Summer, Did I Mention it's Hot?

Hot and dry here on the Coast. If I'm not outside watering plants I'm inside cooling off from watering plants.

E. says hot dry weather heats up the Gulf for a GREAT hurricane season. Fabulous!

Yesterday, the temps "felt like", as they say in weather reports, 107 degrees.

I scramble to get my errands and scavenging done before 10am. in the morning.

Can I get another complaint in this post? It's hot.

Crabbily yours,



Quotidian Grace said...

I feel your pain! We've been in a drought since Hurricane Ike and its hotter than the hinges of you-know-where.

Yours in crabbiness, QG

Christine said...

It's blistering here next door in the bayou too. Feh!

1-4 Grace said...

Just saw the report on Weather Channel that N.O. was 100 degrees. Knowing how close you are, I figure it is equally hot. It is not much better here. I am pushing for a long weekend in the Mountains(where it is only HOT!)

Presbyterian Gal said...

My sympathies. I so cannot do hot AND humid. Though summers are wetting up with the heat in recent years here in the low desert of So. Calif.

I find it necessary to remove all sharp instruments from reach in this kind of weather.

Songbird said...

Is the "feels like" number the heat index? It's 66 here, and we could use some sunshine.

revkjarla said...

yes. what sognbird said.

Lydia said...

You forgot humid!

Keep cool

Sue said...

Send some hot this a way. Yesterday was the first day we saw lilacs and heard the word "humidex" on the news. It's almost July!!! At least the frost is gone at night - it makes it easier on those folk who like to sleep in tents and get eaten by black flies. I've never understood those folk...

Anyway - have a cool sweet tea with lots of ice. Then come and visit me.