Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not Really A Sizzling Topic Here

Dear World,

What's with Episcopalian and Anglican white guy eyebrows?
Giant wild eyebrows distract.
Do the men think the untended eyebrows show status?
I see the eyebrows first, then hear the words through the eyebrows.
Rather than looking cool or more-concerned-about-holiness-than-grooming, wild eyebrows look affected.
I'm not posting pics of the offenders. You may search for the new head of a new group of Episcopalians (are they "real" episcopals if they ignore the Bishop?) and at our Anglican leader across the Sea.



Songbird said...

Wild eyebrows may entertain, but they do not convey authority. I agree wholeheartedly.

Jane Ellen+ said...

I suddenly have this mental picture of the men in question trying to have a conversation-- and having their eyebrows get tangled up between them.

I will note with gratitude that our current Presiding Bishop has no apparent need to follow the Eyebrow Leadership Model.

Presbyterian Gal said...

re: wild eyebrows in men of the cloth

I believe this is a pissing contest with Moses.

Mary Beth said...




My parents are at that ACNA thing and they both have somewhat wild white eyebrows. Go figure!

mibi52 said...

Would that the worst of the battles was about eyebrows. Wild eyebrows in our denomination may correlate with Scottish brogues in Presby circles - seems to add more gravitas and coolness to those who think the symbol is actually the thing...

Erin said...


(That's all I have to say.)

Oh, and also- I miss you!

(Okay, guess I had some more in me.)