Friday, September 04, 2009

Update September

*The City finished the front yard drainage repairs this week. We are pleased the chunk of driveway damaged by the two pine trees falling matches our original driveway. The brick work and new drainage form are beautifully formed.

*Little Church is in an excitement spurt with Fall plans. I'm loving seeing the congregation working on projects, looking beyond our restoration repairs and thinking of mission.

*I could use a break. I love preaching but have been hitting it week after week for weeks. Ordinary Time does this to me each Summer. No surprise that I'm looking forward to my visit with LLS/LSiL, a Cursillo retreat and my NYC Pilgrimage this Fall.

*From what I read about H1N1, you either have it if you have the flu this time of year or you don't have it unless you are sick enough to go to the hospital/ER. What do you think? Mr.C.'s been home this week on Tamiflu and is much, much better today.
LD may have it but may just have a cold from exhaustion at Art School. I'm doing fine and BETTER stay well.

*Why do people think prayer doesn't work when they don't get immediate results of what they've asked for? Prayer is part of a relationship with God. God isn't Santy Claus handing out treats whenever you ask.

*Preaching on the Book of James is aging me. Really. Forget Song of Solomon. It's not happening.

Wandering off for Another Cup of Coffee,



Sue said...

I'm glad you have upcoming events to look forward to!

~holds out empty cup~ If you're having coffee, I'd gladly join you.

Songbird said...

Nor a Sugar Daddy.
Glad your fall has so much fun in the works!

Rev SS said...

Yes NYC this fall ... me too(Oct 20-27)

1-4 Grace said...

So glad reparis have gone well at home and at church. Sorry, it has taken 4 years.
I am aging with James too. Have not preached it before.
Not sure where to go.
Love the pic of two of your boys. My kittys are loving the sligthly cooler temps here.
When are you heading to see SiL? If you are driving and need a potty break, let me know!