Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I don't feel any better than I did yesterday but I got up and left the house. I've been at home since I got home after Worship Sunday.

This morning I realized I couldn't take another minute of daytime t.v. with the cats. They fight about the news, cry during soap operas and love CNN.

We needed everything at the grocery. I got as much as I thought I could carry and put away without dropping in exhaustion. I heated the saute pan with olive oil to brown a roast and caramelize onions, garlic and chopped green peppers. All went into the slow cooker (not the pan!) for several hours. I may be sick but I can make a great supper for my family. The roast recipe includes cutting up andouille sausage, browning it and adding it to the roast. The andouille gives extra "heat" and flavor to the roast.

I'm here eating my supper in front of the computer alone. Well, a few cats are hoping my dish falls over but no humans are with me. LD is over by the church for supper and Christmas play practice. Mr. C. is having dinner with a college friend who blows through the state once or twice a year.

I knew all this but my poor stuffed up cold head didn't remember.

I cooked, cleaned the kitchen and did two loads of laundry.

I feel rotten, righteous and lonely.

St. Casserole "What a Woman!" TM


Songbird said...

You poor thing!

Sue said...

"What a woman" indeed. I'm sure the supper was lovely. I hope you feel better soon.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

My mouth is now watering!!

I so hope that you feel better tomorrow....or like now.

zorra said...

((St. Cass))
I am there eating that roast with you in spirit.
I hope you're sound asleep by now, and will feel better tomorrow!

Rev Kim said...

Your dinner sounds wonderful! Would you post the recipe for the roast (when you're feeling better, of course).

Hope you're feeling better soon.

cheesehead said...

Got a hunk of roast left for me?

Crimson Rambler said...

Oh God love you...remember you now get first dibs on ALL the cold roast for sandwiches. It's important to cook dinner just for ourselves sometimes. I have a friend who became seriously malnourished after she was widowed, because with "nobody coming home" she felt she didn't know when to start supper...
Hope you feel much better very soon!

Mary Beth said...

Poor you!

Try to look at it as, "I made this fantastic beautiful dinner JUST and
ONLY for me!!"

Yeah, thats hard for me to swallow, too.

Loved the muffin recipe!

love you!

feel better!!

Anonymous said...

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