Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Very surprised by the news Sen. Trent Lott retires in a few weeks. Caught me off guard because I know everything changes in politics when you least expect it. Lott says he stayed on to get help for his constituents after Hurricane Katrina. His home in Pascagoula disappeared in the storm.

Some say Young Pickering will be appointed by Governor Hailey Bubba to replace Lott until the election. Don't know much about Young Pickering other than he's a fertile parent (5 sons) and is the privileged child of privilege. I'm not thrilled about legacy politicos.

The Worst News Yesterday was the forced resignation of Coach Jeff Bower at USM. 14 winning seasons and you get pushed out as Coach? Our entire dinner table discussion involved this bad news.

I have a head cold. I do not feel well.

St. Casserole


Presbyterian Gal said...

((((((St. Cassie))))))

Barbara B. said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Mary Beth said...

Well wishes to you my friend! Wish I could bring you tissues and mango tea.