Sunday, August 03, 2008


Today we drive Lovely Daughter to her new school. New School, one of the State specialty high schools is 220 miles away. She'll live in a dorm room with two girls and these three roommates share a bathroom with three other girls. I doubt any of the suite mates have experience sharing a room or bathroom.

I'm not thinking of her adjustments to room mates. I'm thinking of our empty nest.
I realize adult and almost adult children return home but today is the beginning of a new portion of our lives.

I'm not happy to see LD go.

I waited my entire life for children. While I was unsure about how I'd do with marriage, I was clear I wanted children. When God blessed us with LS, then LD, my heart filled to bursting. Marriage to Mr. C. turned out to be a pleasure. Parenting with him suits me, too.

Now, they are leaving our nest. LS begins his junior year at University in a few weeks. He's moved to College Town and begun a job to get ready for registration.

I feel weak and whiney. Crabby and unsure.

We feel good about the specialty high school. She will be secure and safe there, at least, as safe as one can hope for these days.

The school requires auditions and a stringent acceptance policy. For the first time in years, she will attend classes with students who WANT to be at school. Her public high school here is filled with kids who are enduring classes to fulfill state attendance regulations.

Learning is better when students want to be in school.

We've thought this through. We signed the forms. We are ready.

But, I am not ready.

St. Casserole


cheesehead said...

Me neither.

((((((St C)))))))

Cathy said...

You said:

Learning is better when students want to be in school.

Amen... it's better for everyone when students want to be there. How that resonates in teachers' ears and minds.

Now... thinking of you as you adjust to a nest that is empty.

more cows than people said...

aw... i hear you. as i prepare to welcome a child into the world that i have known i wanted my WHOLE life... i can't even imagine letting that child go a minute before 18. and 18 will be tough.

yet, i can imagine intellectual readiness that does not sync with emotional readiness.

((((st. c))))

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

may God be with you... and may you feel the grace coming ever so slowly in...

Sue said...

Been there. It's hard.

But there are ultimate rewards, as there are in so many of life's struggles. Those roomies might become lifelong friends who see her through many joys and sorrows. You just never know...

Wishing all of you God's peace.

One thing I can tell you is that you have many deep discussions with your pets.

Lydia said...

Not being a parent it is hard to imagine how bittersweet this experince must be . . . the human parental desire to keep them close and safe coupled with the joy in recognizing the wonderful expereinces of raising your babies into children then tweens and now young adults. You and Mr. "C" can be awfully proud. God certainly blessed you all by building your family and blessing it from the very beginning with such deep love.

Sorry . . . will try this week (Wednesday).

God bless,


Susan O said...

Aw, that's got to be tough.
But maybe another kitty
or ten
would make it a little better?

mid-life rookie said...

Keeping you and Lovely Daughter in my prayers and on my mind. ((((St.C))))

Songbird said...

Right there with you, just a year ahead. Love you.

1-4 Grace said...

(((St Cass))) My heart hurts for you. Blessings to LD, you and Mr. C

1-4 Grace said...

yeah, another kitty cat. Thats what ya need.
go to and put in your zip code...

Erin said...

Been thinking of you and Mr. C all weekend....don't have any comforting words....just know I'm praying for y'all....

Juniper said...

another hug. that sounds HUGE.

Gracebythesea said...

(((St C)))
Not a parent, nor a spouse-still feel your pain