Wednesday, November 05, 2008

When Sarah Palin spoke in Arizona this morning, she listed what she intended to do back home in Alaska. On her list was "...children back in school". Why didn't she mention time with her new baby? Doesn't having an 8 month old baby grab a Mom's attention throughly?

I had two babies. They were the center of my world regardless of what else I did. Would I have forgotten to mention a fifth baby?

Sorry, but this is bugging me today.



1-4 Grace said...

Had not heard that one, but one of the ladies in Bible Study mentioned that she is bothered b/c you seldom see Sarah with the baby, but always one or the other daughter. I was bothered when I heard that they had kept the fact that Trac had Down's until the kidssaw him the first time.
I have trouble trusting somebody who is dishonest with their own family. It is just in poor taste.
However, I also "sense" she is not fully coming to terms with what it menas to have a special needs child.
Sadly some parents never do.

Songbird said...

I find myself hoping Bristol will not be pressured to marry now. I feel I shouldn't be so interested, but I can't help it.

mid-life rookie said...

I struggled with her relationship with her family a while back.

On another note - word verification - polflet - leaflet passed out at the very brim of the no campaigning zone around the voting location?

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Sue said...

I've struggled with her family dynamics too, but have hesitated to name it. My conspiracy-theory self has a sense that perhaps the reason the bonding appears to be so lacking with baby Trig is that the baby was actually born to the younger daughter (I think she's 15 or something)- not to Sarah at all.

I have nothing to base that on at all. But it blows me away that this woman has so little to say about not only HER baby, but special needs children in general.