Friday, January 02, 2009

Thinking About 2009

I'd like to see the Northern Lights. This pic was taken in Tromso, Norway from Information Jack's blog.

I want a satisfying way to relate to Presbytery.

I want to explore flexibility in my sermons but not sure what I mean by this yet.

Is this the year I write a letter to the Presbyterian Outlook?

I want five wooden pallets to build into a compost container for my back yard. I know where to get the pallets but need a truck to bring them home. I'll use one for the base, four for the sides and leave the top open. I'll staple chicken wire inside the container so water flows through it. I want good compost to add to my flower beds to limit how much watering I do to keep plants and shrubs alive.

This is the year to finish Little Church repairs and restoration. Really.

What is someone of my generation supposed to wear? I hope to discover the answer this year.

More peace, less poverty. More food for more hungry people. Health care for everyone.
Education for life for everyone. Encourage the Arts. Recycle more. Give more. Garden more. Read and study new areas of interest. Support the new President. Pray for the world and my backwater portion of the world.

Kiss cats on the head.

Read Calvin through the year to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of his birth.
Sit down with LLS and explain everything I know about Calvin to her without jumping up and bolting from the room.




Joan Calvin said...

Oh, I want to see the northern lights, too!

I think someone of our generation gets to wear whatever she wants to. As long as it's in good taste. Just my opinion.

Happy New Year!

Presbyterian Gal said...

That is a lovely, grand list!

I will tell you what I have told my mama. You can wear what you want as long as it is not banana yellow skipants with gold lame elf boots and a purple black and yellow striped tunic.

Quotidian Grace said...

Portia and Babs would advise "no teacher clothes"--i.e. holiday or seasonal sweaters with matching wooden earrings. Just sayin'.

As for Calvin--are you tackling the Institutes? Or something less daunting? I'd like to try but would like to choose something I might really finish. Suggestions?

Magdalene6127 said...

I love how you think about the new year without placing oppressive demands on yourself or anyone else. Nice going!

Calvin: maybe I could commit to reading through some of his commentaries. I like those.

Once through the Institutes was enough, thanks.

Magdalene6127 said...

PS My brother and his family see the northern lights where they live, every couple of years. I want to go when it happens. It sounds like... going into outer space while staying on earth. Extraordinary.

St. Casserole said...

This is Princeton Seminary's site for the 500th Anniversary of Calvin's birth. Each day of 2009, the site will have a portion of the Institutes, some commentary and reader comments.

Sue said...

Please come and visit me in August, or even late July, and I will show you some amazing Northern Lights. They are even more beautiful than in photos. They dance across the sky like a ballet of lights. So breath-taking.

You are, of course, welcome anytime. The kittehs and hubby would love to have you visit.

1-4 Grace said...

Nice list! Did not knwo about Cal's big Five-0-0. Good to read hsi stuff.
I am with you on all of it, M and M approve the kisses on head, but would like to add more cat cookies

judi said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog and if you want to read more Christmas stories there are some on Thursday's Child (link on main blog) as well. I think your thoughts about 2009 are better than mine. I've just reached an age where I realize that "tomorrow" is probably not a good idea if I'm not plugged in to "today." As for what you wrote about the clothes--I thought you were probably referring to the lack of anything in the stores for us women of a certain age to wear. I know last year, all the tops looked like the wearer was pregnant! But wear what you can find that you like. I always appreciate my friend from Mississippi who checks in now and then and even more when you leave a lovely comment! Peace in 2009 to you and yours--and get to see those Northern Lights!

1-4 Grace said...

Glad you explained the pciture. On first glance, I thougth it was an alligator in a swamp...keep in mind it is more likely for someone in your area to ahve an alligator in a swamp than it is to have Northern Lights.'
Look at it kinda sideways and you might see the aligator too. He is lazily poking his head out of water with eye partly shut.

Rev Kim said...

I'm doing the "Read through the Institutes in a Year" thing.

And so far, enjoying it. Though I got a little bored with the prefatory address.