Saturday, January 17, 2009

Young Clergywomen

Preacher Coffee Group this week discussed the good influence of the young clergy in our conferences, presbyteries, etc. We have one just-about-30 year old who drinks coffee with us. We consider him a treasure.

Rev. Bird Dog said that when he was a young pup preacher, the old guy preachers made things difficult for him. They lied to him, let him know he knew nothing worthwhile and used him for scut work. He says he vowed to never do that to a younger pastor.

I witnessed similar stuff as a young pastor. Older preachers made it clear that I needed to "apprentice" for years before anyone took me seriously and because I was a woman, my sojourn as a scut worker would last longer. I vowed to not treat younger colleagues like this.

When I preach about Samuel's call tomorrow, I'll reflect on his prophetic ministry even though he was young. "Even though", as if God recognized age as a blessing! Age doesn't mean much with second career pastors and the absolute brightness of so many of the young clergy I meet.

Summer before last, I went to the Young Clergywoman's Conference at the College of Preachers. That conference is in the top two continuing ed. events I've ever attended. I have great confidence, respect and hope for young clergywomen. Second career gals, too, impress me.

I want a young clergywoman nearby with time to talk with me. Lord, send me one, ok?



Songbird said...

I love the ones I know; I hope you get one in the neighborhood, soon!

LittleMary said...

i'll talk with you anytime...but i can't move there. i will pray for one of us to get there soon. she will need you too.

Susan O said...

you're the bomb, St. Cassie!
and oh my goodness, the word verification is polity!

knittinpreacher said...

I'm not nearby but if you ever want a phone conversation, I'd love to chat!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What a sweet prayer.

Deb said...

Wish I lived closer. I'm not young but I'm new at all this.
P.S. word verification
minestr! LOL

1-4 Grace said...

Well, I am not exactly a young clergy gal anymore (having just reached a milestone age rhyming with Lordy!).
But, if I were not so spolied at living less than an hour from my family again, I would move back to the coast and talk all you wanted to.
I wish i had somebody closer to discuss lectionary stuff with on reg basis. Ands somebody to catch my breath with and sigh.