Friday, January 30, 2009

People in Trouble? Call Them

Here's some advice on being a pastor:

If you hear a colleague is in trouble, call them. You don't have to do a gossip monger on them, don't even mention the trouble. If they want to talk about it with you, they will bring it up. But call them. Don't leave your peeps out to dry in misery.

If a local official or neighbor or whoever gets indicted. Call them. Write a note if you'd rather do that but get in touch with them. Let them know you know they are in trouble and you are praying for them.

It doesn't matter if you think they are guilty. An indictment means the grand jury says they need to be in court. Grand juries present one side of the issue, the defendant doesn't get to present his/her side.

Probably you don't know anyone in jail. Think about how isolating and miserable it is to have your name in the paper as an accused.

Our Mayor is indicted. His wife, too. I doubt they did anything wrong but the Grand Jury handed down enough charges to scare the skin off an elephant. People are judging them without knowing the case. The couple have elementary school children. Once the government decides to move on you, you are in big trouble. I think the Mayor's troubles are a technicality without any thought of fraud. Whatever is going on, anyone who knows the Mayor needs to hand him support rather than allowing him to dance in the wind, friendless and pronounced guilty.

Come on, reach out to the troubled.



Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I just love your heart.

Very wise words.

Rev SS said...

Amen! What PoE said!

cheesehead said...

Wise words indeed. If I was troubled, I'd sure want you in my corner.

Lydia said...

St Casserole, Having been at a place a couple of years ago when few of my "peeps" (colleagues) were supportive (and I still give thanks to God for the ones who were -- you know who you are!) I have learned to be senstive in this area.

Thanks for reminiding us that to be a follower of Jesus means that when one part of the Body is hruting we are all hurting. May we learn to be the healing balm.

God's blessings on you,


Presbyterian Gal said...

What!? You mean actually LOVE sinners?

The very idea.

Juniper said...

this is so weird. OUR mayor is in trouble too and I've been wondering if he would appreciate a call or note. Now I know he would and I will do it.

Sue said...

You are so wise. Bless you.

1-4 Grace said...

Wise words.They speak so true to our times. Ill send word if i get in trouble or if I feel like I might be.
Also, love your heart for colleagues. I have served in two presbys now. One where I did not have much contact with colleagues due to disatnace and now conatact is ongoing (it is larger, but I am geograp closer). Still regardless of the distance, the number, etc. we all took vows at ordination (and granted different by our church) but, we did all make them, including a part about lookign out for fellow pastors. we gotta take care of our peeps and each other.