Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Today

I learned that my ridge potato chips are "a healthy snack" and "good for me". I ate the rest of the bag because I am a good American consumer. The chips are regular grocery store brand of non-health food type.

Even better:

The lady at the quick stop told me she couldn't worry anymore about Obama's health plan. "It is in God's hands", she said with frustration. "I'm 62 now and when I turn 65 the Government will make me go see a hospice counselor to discuss my suicide."


"It's in Obama's plan" said Quick Stop Lady.

I told her, "I've read most of the plan and that's not in it."

"Oh, Yes it is! These Christian lawyers came to my Church and told us all about it."

I'm curious. What did the Christian lawyers say?

St.Casserole, wondering why minimum wage/no benefits people are terrified of Health Care Reform


zorra said...

Oh lordy.
Have some more potato chips.

KnittinPreacher said...

forget the chips, find some wine!

Songbird said...

No!!! Really? That's a terrible story.

Juniper said...

oh, this makes me want to cry

Presbyterian Gal said...

Now instead of being angry the villagers despair and are depressed.

sad, really sad.

revkjarla said...

ay yi yi yi

Anonymous said...

my dad tried telling me the same thing - apparently a radio talk show host "quoted" a certain page of the bill. Time mag had a story on it two weeks ago - a completely dishonest & wrong quote that has been taken as gospel by some.

Rev SS said...

OMG! I continue to be amazed at how easily some people can believe such &%^#(*@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue said...

Speechless here. Pass the chips.

Jennifer said...

Sweet Jesus.

Cheesehead said...

Oops. I've given up chips for now. Have I endangered my health?

mibi52 said...

Methinks they were neither good Christians nor good lawyers.

I hate it when the fantasy stuff outpaces the truth.

I think it's time for some chocolate.

1-4 Grace said...

Perhaps because "Christian Lawyers" scare them with their double talk.
I am shocked at what my SinL believes about Obama based on what her preacher tells them (in sermons) and the e-mails she gets from people she does not know.
She was convinced that he would be sworn in using the Koran. Uh, no actually it was a Bible(as in Holy Bible). Although, if a president Islamic, I'd want them to use the Koran. Just saying.
But anyhow, so happy for you on the chips!
Good bless the Quick Stop lady.