Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Calm Down! This ONLY the Contest Announcement!

In honor of LD getting her braces off today and being in her first High School Play this evening, I am proud to announce a St.CasseroleContest!

Friends, please prepare yourselves to enter the St.Casserole Comment Contest tomorrow!

Grand Prize, to be shown here tomorrow, will be given to the best comment about why you should win the Grand Prize to be shown here tomorrow. There will be no runner-up or place prizes, only the Grand Prize to be shown here tomorrow. This is win or lose, cut bait or fish, drive or get out of the car, saddle up or shut up type contest.

Your best hope is your wit, brainpower and not telling another soul about this contest so that I get so few entries that every one's comment looks good because I will be humiliated by desperation to be shown here tomorrow.

This is, however, not about me but about LD's no brace's smile and her play tonight and about you who should be sharpening your comment skills to be shown here tomorrow.

Until then, I remain, ever your,

St. Casserole
P.S. You could practice by leaving sucking up kinds of comments today!


more cows than people said...

Oh dear, Saint C., you're so clever, so fun, so funny, so effective....

perhaps i should take this approach at my blog too...

inspired by you!

: )

Littlemankitty said...

you look really pretty in that color, St. C.

cheesehead said...

You're so ladylike.

At our place we call it "sh*t or get off the pot".

And that's not even a suck-up. That's just true.

NotShyChiRev said...

As ever, I'm virtually overcome in the presence of such graciousness, such style, such vivacity of prose and personality. You, dear St. C., are blessed with wit, theological gravitas, sartorial brilliance, and the porcelain skin of a young Audry Hepburn. I stand in awe that you would shower us, your legion of lowly friends and fans with a contest. I shall endeavor to rush back to the office from a morning of pastoral visits to participate.

May your day be as blessed as mine is by your presence in it.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Why, St. C, I hardly recognized you today! I swear you look ten years younger. Have you lost weight?

Well now, you know that LD is going to shine so brightly in her first High School play, with that amazing smile of hers, that talent scouts from Hollywood will be ringing your phone straight off the hook.

And, I just heard through the grapevine, all the way out here in Cali-for-nigh-a that you give the most interesting, challenging and life affirming sermons of anyone in your entire state!

I do so look forward to your competition. Though I hardly think I'll even place.

St. Casserole said...

Very good....

heh heh heh

Quotidian Grace said...

Bless me St. Casserole for I must make my confession before you.

Miserable worm that I am, I confess that I am leaving the sacred Promised Southland to travel unto the land of those who bow down before other football gods.

Yea, my husband bids me sojourn with him even unto the Land of the Eli where they worship a graven idol made in the image of a bulldog instead of the image of a Longhorn as the Lord has commanded all Texanites to do.

My sin is complete because my thoughtless husband failed to find room in an inn with internet service. Woe is me, Blessed St. Casserole, for I will not be able to lay my comments on the altar of your blog tomorrow as you have commanded.

Blessed St. Casserole, forgive me my sin. Your blog is above all other blogs in all the earth.

May this comment be worthy in your sight is the prayer of your devoted reader, Quotidian Grace.

What is my penance?

1-4 Grace said...

Okay, the rest of you are such amatuers!!!!
St. Cass-
You are hotter than cavier with vodka, on a sultry autumn day at sunset by the Cajun bay with Antonio B massaing your newly pedicured toes.
YES!!!! I am sooooo good.
Word verf is MZTIS

smartalec said...

Ok St C, Although i am admittedly competitive I'd like to win fair and square without any juicing of the judge beforehand. But since you're askin'...I have only 1 question:
WHO is your pharmacist?

Cathy said...

St. C,

r u trying to obtain a comment quota?

RevHRod said...

St. Cass... I'd love to think of something clever and witty. I'd love to come up with a marvelous compliment for LD other than saying, "Sweetheart, you have a beautiful smile." However, I am being audited by the IRS tomorrow at 9:00am. (No, I am not making this up.) Do you think perhaps the incredible pity you feel in your heart might in fact get me the prize. (This tacky post is the only good thing to come out of being audited.) Sigh....

Elaine said...


Surely, you jest?

You don't actually mean for us to believe that the lovely, delightful young LD is your Daughter?

Well, I for one am not fooled. I would know your slightly older sister anywhere.

Norman, OK

Listing Straight said...

Just to prove that I am the smartest, I asked Will Smama to come up with a clever comment for me.

will smama said...

i don't get it

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh St C. I wished that I could have been so beautiful and wise when I was your age. What are you? 28?

Lorna said...

what Mindy said -- :)

and how was Ireland btw