Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Friends, that sound is my last nerve popping.

Look at the October 15th issue of the Presbyterian Outlook.

Read the Editor's page. Scratch head in wonderment.

Read that Editor Jack Haberer writes about a young adult friendly PCA congregation in New York.

Haberer's point of view is the good work this church does with young adults. Great.

He notes that the PCA is a denomination that "bucks" us. Understatement.


Independent periodical or not, the Outlook is a source of news for PCUSA people.

The PCA connected adoption agencies will not place a child with a PCUSA family because we are not "evangelical".

The PCA does not ordain women.

In some PCA churches, women do not teach boys older than 11.

The PCA delights in misunderstanding the PCUSA.

The PCA hurts families and churches in my State. Agressive is an understatement.

I've read the Presbyterian Outlook since 1975. I'm about finished.

Say what you will but the column is inappropriate. Like he couldn't find a great PCUSA congregation to visit and review?

St. Casserole


Christine said...

I hear you, St. C. I fear that before long we'll be hearing a lot more about the EPC in the Outlooks as well. Sigh.

KnittinPreacher said...

I hope this is being sent as a letter to the editor!

zorra said...

Yes. What you said.
Please send this as a letter to Jack Haberer (whom I like very much personally, but I don't understand why he felt the need to highlight a PCA church in our denominational magazine). I'm sure it will be far from the only letter he'll receive on the subject.

cheesehead said...

I've met Jack Haberer in person, when he came to talk to our Presbytery about PUP. I was very "meh" on him then.

This really chaps my hiney, though.

zorra said...

On second thought, why should you do all the work? I'm fixing to go read the article, then write him a letter myself.

Reformed Catholic said...

Jack must be doing something right. He gets hits from all areas of the PCUSA about what he writes about.

I've got the Outlook here, and looking at the article, it seems that Jack was hearing from friends about this unusual PCA church, that was drawing in plenty of youth & young adults.

He went to see what was so different about, as he called it, this un-PCA church that made it attractive to the GenX & GenY crowd.

And that's what he wrote about, talking how this church is extremely 'visitor friendly', and the differences between it and many mainline churches.

In other words, its an article that sets up the theme for the rest of this edition of the magazine.

Yes, the PCA is ultra-conservative, however this church does not seem to be a typical PCA church. Which again, was part of his point.

St. Casserole said...

I don't expect Jack Haberer to be in agreement with his readers. That's not his job.

My point, R.C., is that Jack had other churches suggested to him (you know he did!) but chose a PCA church.

The PCA may appear benign in some parts of the country. It is not benign here.

Reformed Catholic said...

My point, R.C., is that Jack had other churches suggested to him (you know he did!) but chose a PCA church.

The PCA may appear benign in some parts of the country. It is not benign here.

Point taken ... !

Wyldth1ng said...

So is the PCA and PCUSA similar in the respect like the ELCA and Wisconsin/Missouri Synods are to Lutherans?

I am just trying to understand the calvinists better here.

Teri said...

seriously. I too read this article yesterday and wondered what was up. I am plotting my letter to the editor as we speak (well, write).

I personally KNOW multiple PCUSA churches that have amazing young adult ministries. Large and small congregations, all growing. Why head to the PCA?

St. Casserole said...

wyldth1ng, I think your analogy is correct. I don't know as much about the ELCA and the other Lutherans. Didn't know it was "Wisconsin" and "Missouri Synods. The PCA formed in 1973 from the former PCUS.

Presbyterian Gal said...

In the article, was "bucks" misspelled perhaps?

LittleMary said...


LadyBurg said...

How irritating. I could have suggested a few for him to check out. I know a some wonderful churches reaching out to young adults - AND they have young adults as pastors. sigh.

Lorna said...

hopefully next issue he'll talk about some great churches within your denomination - but it is good to know that good things ae happening even in denominations which aren't 'on the ball'

feel for you though sis!