Thursday, October 04, 2007

Riverside Church has not called me. I'm growing moss waiting to get the call to be their next pastor.

I do not know why. I do not understand this.

Here's a tip about me: I'd rather you tell me than not tell me.

For example, I love my broker. She's a wonderfully smart gal with a generous heart. She's trim and looks great in her clothes. However, she wears a rectangle of dark eye shadow over each eyelid and it looks odd. If she blended the eyeshadow, it'd look like she punched herself in the eye. The rest of her make-up and hair are well done. I do not know why anyone hasn't said something to her about this. It's just weird looking. Other people comment on it but no one tells her.

I'd rather be told.

Why haven't I told her? I'm trying to live by Mr.C's advice. He says, "St.C, everyone doesn't need to know your opinion of them."

Excellent, excellent. But what if there is a wild flaw I need to know about? I know I interupt too much. I dress from thrift shops so I can look like a groomed bag lady on my best days. I go on about cats too much. Etc. Etc.

Not to be gross but I heard a pal at the Young Clergywoman's Conference say that she had a "booger patrol" at her church. Choir members were supposed to tell her if she had "nose dirt" showing before she entered the sanctuary. We need this.

There's nothing like dragging toilet paper on our heels or having our skirts tucked into our pantyhose as we walk around life.

But, who tells us?

I'm just saying, if you need to tell me something, tell me.
If it's dreadful, tell me in private.

Oh? Is that Riverside calling me? BRB!

St. Casserole


PPB said...

Well, I've been meaning to say something about htis've been carrying toilet paper on your heels for a couple of months now.

Songbird said...

Did you remember to send them your PIF?

Presbyterian said...

did they lose your phone number?

reverendmother said...

You would rock the Riverside house. I just think they're not ready for you.

will smama said...

When you check on your favorite blogs naked... I can see you.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Sometimes when you aren't looking, the cats stand on their two back legs, try on your shoes and mimic your walk.

Cathy said...

Could it be possible you used Aunt Bostick as a reference?

Anonymous said...

Okay - I'm going to be the awful, negative, depressing one:

maybe they didn't call you because they aren't ready for an amazing young woman. You don't have the radio voice. Or the testicles. Or the lobbying team made up of wealthy/powerful/connected people. (You are connected instead with the lobbying team of not-poor-but-still-paying-education-debts/smart-but-not-everybody-is-listening/connected-by-groups-like-RevGals young Turks.)

I prefer the Young Turks. But they aren't usually the people on search committees. And yet . . . you never know.

Sue said...

For the record, there is no such thing as talking about cats too much. I'm just sayin'

I cannot understand why Riverside has not called you. It is totally their loss.

St. Casserole said...

HAHAHAHA! Y'all are so funny and sweet!

Jledmiston, are you my new best friend? No one, save my dear old ladies at the Nursing Home, refer to me as a "young" woman.

Kind of a stretch to think of leaving the Hurricane Zone for NYC and Riverside but I am willing and hope the salary means that Mr.C. can fulfill his life-long dream of being a trophy husband and stay home with the cats.

Thanks, Y'all.

Who did you vote to tell me about my bad habits?....

Mary Beth said...

Unfortunately, you have no flaws, therefore I may make no substantive comment.

Off to call Riverside...

cpclergymama said...

Riverside has not called because they are stil so overwhelmed at the blessing of enven having you as a candidate for the position. The chair of the search ocommittee passed out at the excitement of your words, and the secratery is too busy envying your beauty!
Prayers to you St. Casserole!

Alex said...

Hee hee! I love the eyeshadow comment. It's funny because it's true...

My word verification for this comment is 'sukfre'

1-4 Grace said...

Do you think they got wind of your famed table dance at that Cajun-blues club in Nashville?
Oh MY!
This word verf. is "fatpk!"
I have one of those! Blogger can see me!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

Riverside hadn't called, beccause they know they can't compete. Fifth Avenue PCUSA is starting its search process. You will look lovely in the 4-bedroom manse overlooking Central Park.

Norman, OK