Saturday, March 15, 2008

My dear Niece,

You have not posted in four days. I know you well enough to realize that you are thinking about the BE Cruise all the time. Dear, tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Next week is Holy Week. Dear, please pay attention. Focus your thoughts on Cross and Holy Week. If I could see you right now, I know you are staring at your toes trying to decide what color polish to get for your Cruise Pedicure.

I understand that you are worried about getting a small, non-liquid gift type thing for all twenty of your gal's swag bags. You've seen what Cheesehead is giving as her swag and now you feeling competitive and crabby. Please. Bring an inexpensive swag gift for each conferee is optional. Then, no one wants anyone to spend a bunch of money on the swag. Really, you should just calm down. The cruise is about self-help and with Holy Week and Easter, you gals don't have the time to be worrying about gifts for everyone. I believe Cheesehead said this to you earlier. What about a simple paper bookmark with your blog name on it? What about a bag of hard candies, a small bag? What about a bulletin from your church?

You are worrying what to take in your luggage. Remember that you will want to be comfortable. I believe your cruise director, George, said that no one dresses up anymore and for the "fancy" night dinner if you just wear clothing rather than your tiger striped bathing suit from the thrift store, you will be fine. People will either like you or not and your clothing won't make a difference. Besides, don't people like you usually?

You are worrying about people complaining if things don't go well on the cruise or if some of the planning had rough spots. Dear, have your revgals ever planned one of these before? Thought not. Help everyone to go with the flow and put on their big girl clericals or church suits and just have fun.

Really! You young people wear yourselves out with worry and competitiveness. Chill, as we used to say.

What are you to focus upon? Jesus and him crucified! Keep your heart and mind there.


Aunt Bostick


Presbyterian Gal said...

St. Cassie, I know exactly what your swag bag gift should be. You need to make BIG buttons for everyone to wear that have, in giant pretty letters:


over a picture of Little Church, with the roof!

The theme is self help.....and advertising NEVER hurt.

Cathy said...

Speaking of pedicures, I always have a cruise pedicure and my splurge for those are a tiny little strip of rhinestones on the big toenail. It's my cruise trademark. Perhaps some of you could do that so you can all have your toenail pictures being posted.

Aunt Bostick would approve.

Songbird said...

The swag ideas will come, or not, and all shall be well. I just know it.

cheesehead said...

Dear Aunt Bostick,

You keep watch over our dear St C until I can get there, okay?

Will you adopt me as an honorary niece?



Kathryn said...

Dear Aunt Bostick
I wish you could come and say calming things to me as I try to move house in the middle of all this...You are an aunt in a million :-)

Sue said...

Aunt Bostick is right, St. C. - everyone will love you because you are eternally lovable. No worries on the swag.

Rhinestone pedicure???!!! I lead such a sheltered life. Cathy is on to something tres cool there...

Patti said...

I hope you have a blessed holy week, and THEN an amazing time with your friends. Your Auntie has the priorities in the correct order. How about a "do each others' toe nails party" as your contribution?

revabi said...

Aunt Etta Mae, asked if you were going to be back anytime soon posting, that it is always good to hear from you, and to see Jesus is still in your heart. But Aunt Etta Mae thinks a little can of snuff is what should go in them swag bags. I tried to tell her otherwise, but you know Aunt Etta Mae. And St. C listen to your Aunt B she is a whole lot wiser and calmer than Aunt Etta Mae. And just go and have fun, we love you. (I know this is a little late.)