Monday, March 17, 2008

The View From the Pew Holy Week 2

Aunt Bostick here.
While I was talking with Myrtis about Wednesday Night Bible Study, I told her about being your guest blogger. I phone all the ladies on Monday night to remind them that we have Bible Study on Wednesdays in the Church Parlor. Our Church organized in 1912 and except when we had the black-out nights during WW2, we've met on the same night in the same place at the same time. Still, as Hospitality Chairwoman, I don't want the ladies to forget. Besides, since Ethel Blanchard got the high sugar, I have to remind everyone to bring a sugar free dessert every now and then.

Anyway, Myrtis and I discussed Holy Week. She said that when Rev. Christian did that foot washing on Maundy Thursday several years ago, all she could think about was how she needed her toenails cut and didn't want anyone to see her feet. She said that she wished that one year the Church would send somebody out to the older people's homes and nursing homes and cut their toenails. "I don't need for someone to wash my feet. I understand the Servant symbolism of re-inacting Jesus washing feet. What I really need is someone to cut my toenails!" She's right. You young people do not know what it is like to not be able to cut your own toenails.

I'm glad we are in modern times where I can write about toenails. No one should be ashamed of what they can't do anymore.

Think about it.

Aunt Bostick


1-4 Grace said...

Ya know??? There's a idea for minsitry. Have a Toenail cutting during Holy Week for the folks at a local assisted living or nursing home. I think the symbolism might just still work.Incidetailly, when we had a foot washign at church, I wnet the day of and had my pedi.
I really don't want for osmebody to have to see my feet in the sahpe they get in, unless they get paid...Oh and I tip my girl well.

zorra said...

This is timely. The devotional in our PNC meeting last night was about loving our neighbor, and how nowadays we pay professionals and service providers to love our neighbor for us.

OK, Lord, whose toenails do you want me to cut this week? (literally or metaphorically)

Mark Smith said...

Dear Aunt Bostick,

How about this?

I'd assume that a nail grinder might be easier to use than nail clippers.

Cathy said...

Dear Aunt Bostick,
I'll cut your toenails for me.

As one grows older, the nails get really hard and tough to cut. And many toes and toenails get to be a problem. But you know that don't you?

I'll soak anyone's feet and put some lotion on them and make them feel better.

I'll even get some cute rhinestones and put them on your nails. You'll be the talk of your Bible Study.

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for addressing this tough subject! My mamma needs help with her toenails. I like to take her to the pedicure place. She likes it too, but the folks who work there get upset that she doesn't want nail polish.

"On my TOES!?" she says.

Must be a generation thing. Me, I've just scheduled my pedi for the BE Cruise!!!

mid-life rookie said...

I heard a story on NPR about the memorial service one medical school was having for the persons whose bodies had served as cadavers for the students' studies. One student noted, that almost always their toenails needed cutting. The person's chart would show they had received the best medical care possible, but somehow personal care had fallen through. Toe nail cutting is indeed a true need for many and a true service if we are willing to take up the towel and clippers. I will remember your comments. Thank you for the reminder.