Monday, March 17, 2008

The View From the Pew Holy Week

Aunt Bostick here, St. C. offered posting responsibilities to me for Holy Week.

I'm going to tell you straight out what it is like to be an older Believer sitting in the pew as you young people pastor us. When I fall short of ideas, I'll phone Beulah Lynch and get her opinion, too.

First off, about Palm Sunday: I know children are wonderful and if we don't include them early in worship, we miss the opportunity to disciple them. I like hearing the children sing and participate in the Service. I do not care much for letting them talk during the Children's Worship Time because they get "cute" and distract from worship. However, this post isn't about the place of children in worship.

Please remember that most mainline type churches are filled with women like me; older, widowed, living alone or in assisted situations, often far from our families.
We'd like attention, too. You may be young but you won't (God willing) be always. We can teach you a thing or two if you'd slow down and pay attention to us.

First off, Holy Week speaks our language. We know what it is like to live with impending death. We are closer to leaving this life behind than young people. We think about it all the time. When Beulah's Buick engine blew, it took every single one of her friends to convince her she had the time to get a new car and time to enjoy it. She just wasn't sure it made sense to get another car if she was going to join the Church Triumphant in the next ten years. She's in her 80's with 20/20 vision and the strength of a 40 year old woman from bossing the Ladies Drum Corp. all these years. Who do you think loads the drum cases into the Church Van? Those things are heavy.

Second, we know what it is like to face an ambiguous future as Jesus did. We've been there and done that and it's about time Cafe Press printed a tee-shirt for us.

Third, don't you young people understand that although we've heard the story of Holy Week many, many times, that we hunger for the hope Jesus Christ offers us in our time of life?

Push the eggs n' bunnies out of the way this Holy Week and love us, your older people.

Aunt Bostick


cheesehead said...

Good words, Aunt Bostick.

I'm just about to go see your pals Beulah (the other one), Inez, Ruth, and Donna. Ruth did give up her car last month, but at 99 her family let her choose, and this is what she chose.

Thanks for seeing to our dear friend St C this week. Tell her I'll see her in ten days or so.

Love, your adoptive niece,

Rev SS said...

Amen, Aunt Bostick. Tell St C I think she did good to have you post this week!

Cathy said...

Preach it Aunt Bosty.

You don't mind being called Aunt Bosty do you?

zorra said...

Wow. Thank you, Aunt Bostick.

1-4 Grace said...


NotShyChiRev said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one. Other than the two grandchildren we see once a month, my youngest parishioner is 14 days past her 40th birthday...We revel in the connections this week has for a tiny congregation that has lost at least one member in the closing days of lent in three of the last 4 years.

Preach on!

revabi said...

Um did Sister Etta Mae get in touch with you all, she said she was, and she must have the way you are talking her language and all.