Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The View From the Pew Holy Week 3

Aunt Bostick here.
I was a bit teary yesterday. The tears started yesterday morning when I took my coffee to the back porch. I sat down to watch the birds and think about the day. I was fine until I started thinking about Jesus carrying his cross to Golgotha. Thinking about that boy carrying a heavy cross through a crowd who hated him made me cry. You just know that his mother and family were devastated.

This made me think about betrayal. Jesus loved people enough to tell them the truth about life and God and then then he was murdered.

If you live long enough, you know what it feels like to be betrayed. Hurts like the devil! Crying out for justice or fairness won't work in these situations. You get hurt no matter what you do.

I heard about how Sen. Obama talked about his preacher on the news yesterday. The think that amazed me was how Sen. Obama was not going to betray his pastor by throwing him aside. The issue of Pastor Wright's comments while preaching wasn't an either/or situation for the Senator. He stood with his pastor while saying he didn't agree with his pastor's comments, even if he understood why a Preacher would say things in righteous anger.

Sen. Obama could have betrayed his pastor, even though his pastor baptized his children and celebrated his marriage. I can't recall the last time I witnessed a public figure act as well as Sen. Obama.

I got a bit teary over how it must have felt to be Pastor Wright and Sen. Obama as they looked for a way to honor each other despite disagreements.

Writing about this makes me need another hanky.

Aunt Bostick


more cows than people said...

Aunt B, I totally agree about the powerful witness Obama is offering, by disagreeing, but not betraying. Thanks be to God.

cheesehead said...

Auntie B,

Yesterday made me lose my "undecided" status. I had been looking for a sign. I got mine.

Your adopted niece,

Mrs. M said...

I agree. I've watched the whole speech 3 times now, and am just blown away by the integrity and the fundamental lovingkindness shown.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

It was such a sticky situtation and he handled it so well.

Mary Beth said...

Oh, well said, Aunt B!

Me too.

mibi52 said...

To not do the usual political thing - to throw Pastor Wright under the bus - but to turn it into a teachable moment about race in blew me away. The remarkable thing was that he spoke truth in a way that got more people listening, rather than scaring them away. Genius. Count me as another Obama supporter.

Sue said...

I agree Aunt B. - Sen. Obama modeled the best kind of Christian living in a difficult situation.

The Swandive said...

me three, or is it four Aunt B. Thank you.

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

yes, indeed, Auntie B, you are so right and so wise

Rev SS said...

I'm late getting here to comment ... but need to add my AMEN!

revabi said...

Aunt Etta Mae, told me to tell you that Pappy and mammy said, blood is thicker than water, and Obama stood by his, like you stood by your, like Jesus mom stood by him. It just had her a bawlin and telling me how wise you always have been and she is proud to call you friend.