Sunday, April 13, 2008

After Church today, I walked through T.J.Maxx looking for new porch furniture cushions. I replace cushions every year it seems because both Andy and Sister like to sit on the love seats. When you come over, I'll try to brush off the cat and dog hair, OK?

A pretty red-haired woman turned around in the aisle to say, "Do you know me?" I looked at her face. She looked as familiar as all people do as Children of God but "know" her? Nope.

She said, "How about this: That would be me!"

This did not help. I started thinking about Cheesehead. She'd say something like this.

After explaining that I had cotton balls for brains on Sunday afternoons, I admitted I couldn't say her name.

Turns out that I did her wedding 15 years ago.

When she and her husband showed up to look at the church, then meet with the preacher, they asked for the preacher. I replied, "That would be me." This reply stayed with them as a humorous moment.

I'm glad I saw them. Both are happy people, happy with each other and delighted with their work.

Note to Self: Push legislation that every person in my path wear a name tag at all times.


St. Casserole


cheesehead said...

Golly, I wish it had been me you'd run into at the TJ Maxx.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

and so did you find the cushions?

Presbyterian Gal said...

and what color are they?

I am always forgetting names and many times faces of people who claim to know me. I find saying "Hon" helps out sometimes. Except that time it was someone who didn't like me at all.

That must feel good to run into a couple you married who are still together and happy.

Susan O said...

I'd like that legislation for all in my path as well. Can you set that up?

Ruby said...

How 'bout tattoos? I'm thinking tattoos right on everybody's forehead.

1-4 Grace said...

I'm all about name tags for everyone. It is a former teacher's dread to not know a name...
And now when I see folks for mmy home congrgation, I get huge brain farts.
Not sure what to do about Dubby's biting. Perhaps ignoring him and not lovign on him if he bites or you could try to vinegar bottle trick...or is it amonia?
Anyhow you mix it with water (mostly water) and then spray them, but not in the face when they do undesiable behavior.
This seems harsh, but it worked well on my parents' dear little grey tabby. She used to climb the drapes.
With Mugs, I jsut said, " No, bad kitty" in a firm voice. G'luck..
Oh, just gotta tell ya...
The word verif is totally for you!
It is yfoxi (translated means you foxy!) Thoguth you'd appreciate knowing this

DogBlogger said...

Sometimes just a squirt bottle with plain water will correct a cat's (or dog's) behavior just fine. If it makes the proper first impression, all you have to do is pick up the bottle from then on out.

Mary Beth said...

Clearly they remember you very fondly. But seems a little cheeky that they'd expect you to remember them, 15 years later. Esp. if they haven't been around your place since...!

You a class act, as always. :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh I like the name tag idea. But then I would so totally be changing my name each day. Somedays I would be Mindy. Other days I would be Melinda. And still others I would be Trixie. ~grins~