Saturday, April 12, 2008

Several Things

*First, good pickings early this morning at estate sales. I have a new rug for my study. Good thing I found one because the stop-gap World Market rug gets on my nerves. Bad news! The Garage Antiques on 25th Street in Manhattan is rumored to be closing in November. Double Rats! I've shopped the Garage each and every November for the past 10 years. My favorite sterling flatware dealer and vintage jewelry sellers table there.

*The Johnbell conference at Jesus Meets Hogwarts ended Friday. Our travel home went well. While many on the BE cruise felt the ship for days after, I hear Johnbell's voice in my head today. He is a wonderful speaker.
Go see here for Johnbell's understanding of private worship in a public space. Thanks, Ice Flue!

*Dubby the kitten is biting people and cats with tiny nippy teeth. No one knows how to make him stop. What is the gentlest way to get this kitty to change his behavior?

I missed you all. Glad to be home with my people. Looking forward to worship tomorrow with my People.

St. Casserole


Littlemankitty said...

Tiny nipping is a sign of high intelligence in cats. Do nothing to change it. Thank you for the nice presents, Aunt Casserole. I put a picture on my blog.

Songbird said...

When puppies do this, we keep toys on hand to "give" to them when they nip, to teach them it's okay to nibble things, but only if we give permission. Could you hand him an interesting toy to bite instead?

KnittinPreacher said...

when my kitty tried to give me "love bites" on my wrist and arms I (on the advice of the vet) gently pushed back in her face and made a hissing noise. The goal is not to hurt her, but to get in her personal space. It worked, but takes patience. she still doe sit every once in a while, but as soon as I start to get in her face she stops.

cheesehead said...

Welcome back. I missed you.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Sit Dubby down. Look Dubby in the eye and read this:

Dear Dubby,
you have to stop biting things that are not your food. In this house we love you and will give you all the attention that you need. But you have to share this attention with the other people and animals in this house. But between you and me, I know you are the most special. We just don't want the other cats to get jealous now, do we? There's the best kitty.

And with an extra treat and a pet, that ought to do it.

Heidi said...

This is a phase - they are playful and see everything and everyone as a game. HOWEVER, a little discipline in childhood does all of us good, and will show kitty what you don't want her to do. You can either: give her a light squirt of plain water from a water bottle (just a couple drops works on my cats in adulthood!) or pick her up by the scruff of her neck and move her, like her mama would. Should help.


Barbara B. said...

I have heard about heidi's water squirt idea -- I've heard to put it on the mist setting. But I've never tried it...

Dubby sounds cute :)

LittleMary said...

BUT--they are opening up an awesome flea market right around the corner from my house for all the people who used to live around 25th street but can't afford it and so moved here. so, while you should be grieving, there will be other options!