Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You can't get here from there. Northwest shuffled us around, gave us wrong info and made a mess of our travel day. Two drink vouchers and an upgrade improved nothing, not even my disposition.

I am here at Beautiful Place Rather Hogwartian.

John Bell is a well-spoken teacher with humor, insight and power.

Stacey and LMK's Mom are with me. Love seeing them.

Where else can I stay in a tiny room which smells like a grandmother's home, share a bathroom with 4 other women and go to Bethlehem Chapel everyday? The food is excellent here, too.

I called Rev. Mutha to ask why she wasn't here. Seems like she should be with us for this conference.

Spring shows all over the grounds here with blooming plants and shrubs. I saw a black squirrel early this morning as he ran to prayer.

Doing fine here. Wish you were here, too.

St. Casserole

P.S. None of the preaching small group members appear to be deaf. Rats!

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Songbird said...

Lucky ducks in the preaching group! Wish I got to hear you.