Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our friend, Rev. Books, has a new appointment HOURS FROM HERE. He'll MOVE in June to a great parish. BUT THIS MEANS HE WILL NO LONGER DRINK COFFEE WITH US ON TUESDAYS. He's been our calm and intelligent colleague for years in the Preacher Coffee Drinking Group Every Tuesday.

I will sure miss him.

He's the one who stayed with his people, despite all miseries, after Katrina. He took care of survivors, grieved the lost and cared about the community with such fierce devotion that no one will ever forget him who lived through those terrible days.

Mr. C. loses a golf partner. I lose a compassionate pal who understands if a gal is depressed or doing well and treated me with respect regardless of my mental state.

We will miss him.

When you think of a pastor who exegeted his community so that he could provide ministry, think of Rev. Books.

We met Tuesday to eat shrimp po-boys at Lil' Ray's. It's not our last meal together but each time we meet, I know we are counting down until he moves north.

I'm happy for his new appointment. He will be a blessing to them. I'm happy we kept him for this long since his system does this weird thing of uprooting and moving preachers every few years.

He says he'll begin blogging. My goal is to see him as a full member of the RGBPs.


St. Casserole


Songbird said...

Ah, I'm glad for him, if it's a good appointment, but sorry for the loss of a nearby friend. I ate my first po boy sitting at a table with you and Rev. Books, and I will never forget it.

Susan O said...

I would second the emotion of Rev. Books as a blogger.

cheesehead said...

I tried to comment earlier, but blogger was oppressing me.

It's bittersweet when the good ones leave, isn't it? I'm facing that myself here in the Snow Belt.

Cathy said...

I hate it when a good friend leaves. I get discombobulated.

esperanza said...

I'm married to the weird system, and it is just as hard to leave a good place as it is to be left behind there. Finding colleagues who are willing to enter into a friendship knowing it can end any year is a blessing, so you have been a gift to Rev. Books, I'm sure.