Friday, June 06, 2008

I understand FEMA declared ice a "comfort" item and will not provide ice after a future hurricane.


We freeze water in clean plastic milk jugs and store 6-8 jugs in our freezer as storm preparation. If the power goes off, we may be able to keep some foods cool with the insulating properties of the frozen jugs. Then, we can drink the water.

However, let FEMA remember that not everyone has a freezer. Not everyone has access to bags of ice. Many people need to keep their meds cool.

Let FEMA remember that preparing for a hurricane costs money. People with limited resources have a difficult time stock-piling food and supplies, cash and money for gas to evacuate the area.

I realize that the government cannot do everything for everyone but geez! can't we help the poor and vulnerable among us?

Let me pose a bitter question: which is more cost effective: help the vulnerable evacuate to safety or clean up the bio-hazard if they die in a storm?

Glaring at FEMA (one more time),

St. Casserole

*FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, as in "Good job, Brownie!"


cheesehead said...

Glaring right along with you...

Presbyterian Gal said...

Yet another example of our re-active rather than pro-active gumment shooting itself in the foot.

Standing with you and Cheese, hoisting my most evil eye outwards.

Chorus said...

glare glare Glare Glare GLARE GLARE GLARE

Cathy said...

Where's the rest of the RGBP posse with the Mindy's justice vehicle? Power in NUMBERS!

Songbird said...

A COMFORT item???!!!???!!!

This makes no sense at all.

sherry said...

Add my foot stomp to ya'lls glares.

You know, DC is in a hurricane region. When (not if) a hurricane hits there we'll have to remind them that ice is a comfort item.

KnittinPreacher said...

Whaaaat? add me to the list of those glaring.

We just got a list from our presbytery of things to pack (stockpile) in case there is a disaster - -one full page, 4 columns. I agree you need to take precautions, but also know that I shall not be prepared because it will cost more than I can afford, and I live above the poverty level. You make a good point with your questions.

1-4 Grace said...

Glaring, drummming my fingers and tapping my toe in an annoying manner.
Boo, Hiss, Boo to FEMA!!!!!

1-4 Grace said...

Wendy's has a new milk shake tht is lovely....yeah, I know, fat & sugar grams, but think of all the stuff you are not eating!
Also, Sonic's sluhes are of great comfor to me when the LA pollen count is high and I can't breath, smell or eat!