Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our area is under a tropical storm warning. This means we will get heavy rain, wind and flash flooding in the next 24 hours.

Fay drenched Florida with heavy rain. We are next.

I'll check our sandbag situation, trench in the front yard and pray that the new Methodist parking lot improvements won't force water into our home. I don't think the Methodists considered anyone when they paved a new parking lot several inches above the street. We are across the street from the parking lot.

The damaged storm drain beside our property caved in during Katrina. The City hasn't repaired it. The orange warning cones and orange netting warning of the giant hole have grown over with weeds (and a four foot tall Pine tree sapling)in the past three years.

It's not easy for a City to prioritize repairs. When the majority of the infrastructure is damaged, where do repairs begin? Our small disaster area hasn't received attention yet. I say "yet" because we've contacted the City, seen the City Engineer and are waiting for help.

When I write about hurricanes, I can't help but wonder if my readers on higher ground think we are nuts for living here. The answer is we live here because we live here. We aren't in a federally mandated move area. We survived Camille and Katrina (we were teens when Camille came and not in this house). Mr.C. grew up here, his business is here and our lives are here.

I would like to move to higher ground in retirement. I can't imagine kicking my walker along as I board up windows in my 80's.

Watching the Weather Channel,


P.S. Someone stole our Obama sign. Mr.C. put the sign up, close to our home, far from the street in February. We thought no one would walk so far onto our property.

UPDATE: 11pm. CDT Looks like Fay, downgraded to a tropical depression, will bring rain tonight and tomorrow. We made our preparations, including stocking up on my Cokes and Mr.C's favorite beer. Not a drop of rain here yet. Blessings and safety to all those in Fay's path.


~Mad said...

I understand about "home." I hope I would stay as well, were it a decision I had to make.
Prayers for you and yours,
~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

annie said...

Hang in there St. Cass. I'm praying the Methodist waters will do no one harm...

Patti said...

Lord have mercy! I understand why uou live there. Praying.

Songbird said...

I'm irritated to hear about that paving job. Not thoughtful.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Well, shame on those Methodists.

And, dear St. Cassie, we, all of us, live in the center of a bullseye.

Cathy said...

St. Casserole, we are in the midst of Fay now. We are getting the rain in torrents right now. I am not wishing it your way and hope it gets rained out before it gets to you.

Mary Beth said...

PRaying here too.

Terminal Degree said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I live in an area that has scary weather, too. Until I moved here I'd never hidden in a closet, listening to storm alerts. I, too, am here because I am here. This is where I found work.

And no place is truly safe. When I announced I was moving to an area that had recently had a major weather disaster, people in my old city were shocked that I would be willing to move somewhere "so dangerous." IMO, it was a smug thought for people living on a major fault line. ;)

Praying for you.

Sue said...

Praying here too St. C. - and I understand why you live there. Home is home - it's as simple as that. (I say that every time we get buried under six feet of snow).

Blessings to you.

zorra said...

Praying that Fay will move on through instead of continuing to dawdle around.

cheesehead said...

Well I say thank you Jesus for the Cokes and the beer!

DogBlogger said...

Please accept my humble contrition for my fellow Methodists' poorly-planned pavement pouring. I hope it doesn't do any harm.

1-4 Grace said...

prayers continue for you and all who face these woes...wish we could move the rain here.
I am at place in our denomiantion which rhymes with concrete and under major water sad.
Really would be nice to bottle up rain and put it where needed.
Do want to talk with you about potential needs in your church and maybe get soem help from my end.
We should talk soon.
Peace out,

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

home is home. i live in tornado alley... so home is home. prayers for safety... and uhm could i have a coke?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I always worry about you when there are warnings.

I vaguelly remember huricanne Camille....but that is when I fell in love with that name.

1-4 Grace said...

and now on the tail of Fay we have G...goes on and on.
Montreat getting much needed rain as the rhodoendrumbs are suffering and whole place under water restrictions. torrential downpour woke me up...but so good to have.
Hope all is well for you

1-4 Grace said...

prayers are so going up for you, family, and church well as others in projected path of Gustav.
I jsut finished AM sessions and lunch and came through lobby area where tv was on with CNN weather. I totaly got tears in my eyes as I saw path and projections on storm.
Praying, praying.
1-4 Grace

mibi52 said...

Praying for safety for you and all around you. Please take care.

Sue said...

Praying very hard that Gustav doesn't find it's way to land and cause any damage.

I worry so very much about you when I hear these reports.

Stay safe St. C. - love you. Mean it.