Saturday, December 13, 2008

Aunt Bostic Writes

Dear St.Casserole,
I hope you received the envelope of coupons I sent from Effie Pennington's house.
After Church and lunch we read their Sunday paper. She doesn't use her coupons and I hate to see them wasted so I hope you can use them.

When I go to another Church, I appreciate my own Church more. Effie's Church has a name like yours but she said they began to call your church "apostate" in 1973. I had to look that one up in her dictionary on the stand in their living room while she was turning out the tomato aspic. I thought she said something about their pastor's personal man health but that's not the same word.

Her pastor is a young man. I don't suppose anyone supervises him but he could use it. He's the one who prays imprecatory prayers. Thank you for explaining that one to me. I don't care for the idea at all. Like anyone should advice the Lord on how to hurt other people. Sounds rude to me.

Sunday, this young man preacher was discussing listening. He talked about how we don't listen all the time. True enough, I filter out most of what I hear because I am not interested in gossip. He wasn't talking about that exactly but used an illustration where he took the paper into a private place every morning and didn't want to be disturbed. Now what does that sound like he was doing? That's what he meant! Can you believe it? He went on and on about this and his wife was turning pinker and huffier than usual. She's the one who tells him to to get rid of if she doesn't like them. Where do they get pastors like this?

Effie said they had African American visitors two Sundays ago. It's an all white person church. If they don't let women preach, then you know the white boys want to hold on to all the authority. Believe me, Effie said, he pulled out such phrases as "white people can't dance" and other bon mots to beat the band. She was so embarrassed. It's not like he uses racial remarks to a white congregation but let two ladies wander in to worship and he's all about the 'hood. Effie may be old as Job's turkey but she isn't stupid. I said, "Effie, did anyone else comment on it?" She said they all just raced to greet and give coffee to the visiting ladies.

I thought his sermon sounded like he made it up on the spot. I thought your people liked to compose their sermons prior to preaching.

You let me know if you want those crochet hosiery bags I told you Annie Lemon is selling over at the Senior Center. The bags seem right popular and if you want one, I need to go get it this week.

Love to all of you,

Aunt Bostic


KnittinPreacher said...

I am intrigued by the hosiery bags - -can you tell us more about them?

Susan O said...

I am so glad to hear from Aunt Bostick again.

cheesehead said...

Dear Aunt Bostic,

You had me at "personal man health."


St. Casserole said...

Knitting Preacher, The hosiery bags are like those knitted washcloths made large and hemmed on three sides. You put your knee highs, grippies and socks in it to wash. The bag has a drawstring.

Listing Straight said...

Have you ever thought about compiling/publishing Aunt Bostic's letters?

She is one of my favorite people ever.

My word verification? pigran

Songbird said...

As always, wise and helpful.

St. Casserole said...

Listing Straight, Aunt Bostick thinks you and your family are adorable. She thought you were teasing about publishing her letters but I told her you are serious. She said, "Let that smart lil gal be my editor. She has good sense. Tell her to bring that cute baby of hers to see me sometime."

1-4 Grace said...

Glad to see Aunie Bositc back once again. I think Dorothy had it right by saying, "There's no place like home."
It is true of a lot of church visits, we can appreicate them more when we see what is out there.
Perhaps the pastor is having some issues of "man's helath!"

Sue said...

Dear Aunt Bostick,

I do love a good tomato aspic. Was Effie's good?

And yes, I too chuckled over the "personal man health" comment. *snicker*

St. C. - what are grippies? Also, who won the garden contest?????

Cathy said...

I hope the tomato aspic had some proper horseradish sauce on the side.

Aunt Bostick, the Kut n Kurl closed down here in town. I thought you would want to know that.

St. Casserole said...

Sue, such a lady you are! Grippies are shapewear.

Cathy, I'll tell her. She won't be happy to know your Kut 'n Kurl closed. Where will Aunt Bostic's cronies go for a real tight roller perm?

St. Casserole said...
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