Monday, December 01, 2008

Bloganniversary and Contest!

Today is my bloganniversary. I'm so pleased to belong to a community of RevGals and friends stretched out in every direction.

To celebrate I propose to have several contests this week.

The first contest begins now.

Please give three suggestions for the blog.

Skip any suggestion that I increase my blog activity. I blog off-kilter when I'm busy. Skip any idea of adding techie stuff unless my Tech Advisor, arriving in less than a month, feels like helping me.

Leave your entry/suggestions in the comments. The Judges are: me, Whistle and Aunt Bostick.

If your entry is chosen, you will receive a small gift.



UPDATE: Four days later. After several conversations with Aunt Bostick and Whistle, let me say that I will be the SOLE judge from here on out. Aunt Bostick voted for everyone who mentioned her. She said about QG, "you can tell she was raised right", about Sue she said, "Tell that sweet little thing to come down here and get away from that snow". She wants Songbird to be in the new Cabinet. Whistle voted for Sue, I-4 Grace, Aunt Songbird and Mary Beth. When pressed to pick a winner, Aunt Bostick said everyone "of those sweet girls" should get a prize. Whistle took a long bath and went to sleep. I.Give.Up.

So, the winner of the contest is the Vicar of Hogsmeade.

Thank you to everyone who commented and left suggestions.
I will return to discussing ministry, then and now. Aunt Bostick isn't sure she has anything to say in a blog. (HA!) and Whistle said to remind everyone that Greenies are his favorite brand of cat cookies.

Vicar, contact me so I may send you a prize. Congrats!



The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

post the 3 best/worst/most memorable (sacramental) moments for each of: baptism, wedding, funeral, confirmation, time of reconciliation or forgiveness, ordination, or other specifically pastoral function.

KnittinPreacher said...

Can we ask Aunt Bostick questions? I for instance would ask here where to find some decent pimento cheese up here in Yankee-land, or how to make it.

Songbird said...

I third, or triple, Vicar of Hogsmeade's suggestions. (Does that count?) (I don't think, as Tech Support, I qualify for prizes anyway.)

Susan O said...

I like hearing from Aunt Bostick. In fact, I'm wondering if Aunt Bostick might write a regular column on etiquette and fashion for the clergy set.

Presbyterian Gal said...

I would like to see a photo of Little Church on the sidebar, with updates every now and then. And Aunt Bostick advice post once a month, answering blogger questions would be fun. And occasional recipe features.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Oh, goodness me, where are my manners? A very Happy Bloganniversary to you!

Quotidian Grace said...

Many happy returns dear St. C!!

My suggestion is putting titles on your posts --doesn't require a techie.

I love Auntie Bostick, too. Bless her heart.

Kathryn said...

Aunt Bostick's agony corner for clapped out clerics (or something along those lines)

Mainly, though, I'm just happy that you blog and that I have the joy of counting you among my friends. Off to put in some fish earrings to say "Happy Blogaversary"

1-4 Grace said...

Oh, I like vicar's idea and woukd also love to hear funniest moments or most unusual stories from worship moments.
dont know how to post videos on blogger. I jave jsut learned to do them on another community page of which i am also a member.
Search is on for KP's pimento cheese.
best i knwo is to make it yourself

Songbird said...

I just realized I didn't say Happy Blogaversary! And Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!

Teri said...

Happy blogoversary!! :-)

now for the hmmm...

I too like the idea of titles for each post. Especially since many of us use an RSS reader--it makes it easier!

I think an Aunt Bostick advice column would be highly excellent!

hmm, church outfit of the week? Or perhaps best new thing at Little Church each month/week? best dinner this week? I always like to read about food... but who am I kidding? I like to read everything you write!! :-)

Cathy said...

Happy Blogiversary,
Is Aunt Bostick married? If so, can the husband have a guest appearance?

Actually I think Aunt Bostick having a regular advice column would be a good idea, if you have it in your budget to contract her.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Happy b-versary!

I suggest more photos! I am interested in your fav thrifting stores and fav finds!!

Maybe a new thrift find a week?

God_Guurrlll said...

Happy Blog-a-versary.

I think it would be fun to see an occasional casserole recipe. Perhaps Auntie Bostick might have some suggestions.

Peace and love,

Alex said...

Happy Blog-versary!

I would love to have a post that features your voice. I loved your blog before I met you in person, but now I read all your posts with the sound of your sexy drawl in my mind... wouldn't all the readers love to hear the St. Preacher's voice?

Mary Beth said...

Kathryn's comment made me giggle..."clapped out" is a new one on me.

I can't think of a thing you should change. Except come sit here by me in Texas when you blog. :) I'd make you cocoa...from scratch!

1-4 Grace said...

I got somethign. Okay, have regular (important, yet little known) tips for clergy.
Good stuff, like how to put on lipstick, conduct a meeting for new memebers and get room number from hospital operator all at same time.
Or best recipes for potluck (that can be made in 30 minutes, stay fresh, and serve 45 people.

Sue said...

Happy Bloganniversary St.C.!!

How about an occasional dialogue post between Aunt Bostick and Whistle? Perhaps they could discuss current affairs, recipes for people and pets, how to get cat hair off of black cleric shirts etc...

Anonymous said...

here's my suggestions - and happy blogversary before i forget to write it - first, how about a fictional group of people based on real-life happenings - you have the best quirkiest stories - surely they could be re-worked into a running storyline very loosely based on some of your memories?! second, how about a pic and story about your best find at a garage/estate/thrift sale for each month (you know I still covet those fabulous silver shoes!!)
third, more recollections about your very early days of being the only female minister in the area - for those of us still living in areas of wilderness about the ordination of women - give us some manna to help us survive

Linda said...

my suggestions are as follows:

1) a wordless blog every once in awhile, just a photo you took ( or somebody else took) that is enough to convey how you feel, or what you're thinking about.

2) a southern girl moment of the week; in which you write about something so southern- a recipe, a funny local story, a " you could only find this here" thrift/yard sale find, or saying.

3) craft corner! You have amazing crafts! I want to see pictures and perhaps a "how to".

4) a Saint Casserole advice to young ladies column (selfishly motivated) on love, faith, home decorating, advocating for justice, how to make edible things, feminism , ect. ect. Because I miss you!

Happy Blogiversery!

Sue said...

I'll second Linda's "how to make edible things".

Violet Beauregarde said...

All Whistle, all the time.

No, just kidding, that was a blatant appeal to the judge.

Sue said...

Congrats to the Vicar! And many thanks to Aunt Bostick and Whistle for their kind comments.

zorra said...

I'm sorry that I've been so far out of the loop this week, I just saw this. Happy belated blogiversary, and love to you and Aunt Bostick and Whistle, and I'm very happy to see whatever any of the three of you have to say, any time. But I do indeed like seeing your prized thrift shop finds.